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The Next Books in the Christian Century Series:

Each one takes place in subsequent centuries at pivotal points in Christian history.

Follow Me: Love in the Second Century, The Christian Centuries Series Book 2
Projected completion date: Fall 2009

A historical adventure about two Christian brothers, Lucas and Jason Supreus (decedents of the characters in the first novel) , who, in 197 AD, are called by God to leave their home and families, in Alexandria, Egypt to help a fledgling church in Spain. Lucas leaves his pregnant wife; Jason leaves his betrothed. The mission takes them through sea voyages, imprisonment, and near martyrdom. Once they finally reach Spain, Jason falls for Sofia, the deacon’s daughter and marries her. Then, while trying to get back to Egypt to tell his betrothed that he cannot marry her, he’s shipwrecked, captured by the Romans, and taken to the coliseum in Rome. Will Sofia find him in time? 

Everlasting: Love in the Third Century, The Christian Centuries Series Book 3
Adapted from the Prison Diary of Perpetua

A historical, time-travel drama that tells the story of David Brown, a former pastor, somewhere in the Deep South during the early 60s, the Grand Dragon of the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. One night, in the midst of a lynching, time stops, and he is transported by an angel to Carthage in the year 202, where he experiences the Roman persecution of the Christians. There he meets Perpetua, a young mother, just learning about Christianity. David and Perpetua are arrested and sentenced to die for refusing to offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods. Lucas Supreus hears of their plight and travels to Carthage to try and help them to no avail. Will David be saved from death?

Concept for book #4: Love in the Fourth Century

Present Day: An earthquake hits Istanbul, Turkey uncovering an ancient site dating back to fourth century. Italian archeologist, Alessandro Metelli is called to excavate the site revealing a mystery connecting one of his ancestors and the Emperor Constantine.

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