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Roman PantheonAncient Rome

Stepping into the Roman Empire of the first century one can see that it mirrors today’s 21st century society in many ways: greedy, power-hungry politicians, fathers dictating the lives of their adult children, immorality, discrimination, persecution of Christians in many places and the majority of western society ignoring the one true God.

Herculaneum RuinsMany cultures today still have arranged marriages. Imagine being that girl, forced to marry someone she doesn’t love, yet in love with another that her family disapproves of. Imagine the nobleman, patriarch of the family, with high political ambitions and an embarrassment destroys his career, his dreams and life as he knows it. Imagine the Christian church leaders forced to meet secretly, to lie to officials about what they do, afraid of persecution, even death, if caught teaching beliefs contrary to Roman laws.

Did the Ancient Romans Have Conscience?

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