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Nostradamus Web Sites by Peter Lemesurier

What Websites offer further information about Nostradamus?

The following are suggested, though no guarantee is offered of relevance in any given case: (includes original texts, literal translations, some facsimiles, authorial FAQs) (includes original texts, literal translations, search engine, Nostradamus's curriculum vitae and family-tree, and an illustrated tour of the seer's Provence) (searchable texts) (searchable facsimiles of original editions)

Search engines:

Ditto for German readers:

for Italian readers ( frontenac included )at:

Prime research sites, with facsimiles:

Nostradamus's private correspondence:

Sources possibly used by Nostradamus and related information  
Iamblichus in English:
Trithemius in English:
Roussat in modernised French:
Classical literature searchable
Latin Library (Pliny etc.):
Erasmus: In praise of folly :
Over 600 fables by Aesop and copycats
Origen: 8 books of Contra Celsum
Searchable texts, Greek, Latin, English translations
Astrologie et Mythologie (French)
Aeschines thru Xenophon Searchable texts.. Perseus project
Search engine of bibliographies, Latin Dictionary etc.
Dante's Purgatorio
Coligny Calendar
Online Medieval and Classical Library
Religions and Mythologies
Tacitus: Germania
Online Texts library
Paracelsus: Prognostications, including the preface and elucidations
Ancient Maps and other cartography
Medieval textual sources
Online search, esp. biographies but many varied.

Contemporary critiques:

Specific medieval sources:
Bandini, A.M.
Crinitus summary
Lycosthenes, C.
Belleforest, F. de
Ficilio, Marsilio

History of the Renaissance and Medieval ages : recent research
The Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the
Country  Studies
The Works of Flavius Josephus Translated by William Whiston
Two Thousand Years of Catholic Writings
Biblioteca Arcana
Secretum secretorum
Neo-Platonism and Islamic Philosophical Shi'ism:
Books written in Latin
Project Gutenberg Table Of Contents
History Timelines
Early Modern French Literature
Bible in 9 languages and many versions

Nostradamus IRC Chatroom

Specific classical sources:
Illuminated Manusucripts

Online electronic translators (from *modern* French only!):

(see under 'Palsgrave')

Languages help

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alt.prophecies.nostradamus are welcome. Please append them to the group's FAQs in the normal way.
Peter Lemesurier

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The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Nostradamus - Centuries - Mobile Version:

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