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The prophecies of Nostradamus newsgroup (original 1st) site



The quatrains:

The events... [so far] that, in the course of time, and in all the regions, everyone will admit as having occurred". 
(14. supputant presque autant des aduentures du temps aduenir, comme des eages passez, comprenant de présent, & de ce que par le cours du temps par toutes régiôs l'on cognoistra aduenir, tout ainsi nommement comme il est escrit n'y meslant rien de superflu, combien que l'on dit (die): Quod de futuris non est detemlinata omnino veritas.)

The history of the world so far through the quatrains
(according to Jean Guernon and Michel Dufresne.)

History of the 16th Century through the quatrains

History of the 17th Century through the quatrains

History of the 18th Century through the quatrains

History of the 19th Century through the quatrains

History of the 20th Century through the quatrains

21st Century and beyond, future through the quatrains

Frequencies of apparition

- The original editions of the quatrains -
are now available, on Mario's site.

The letters:

Nostradamus' letter to his Son.
(NB: Needs to be reOCRed and retranslated)

Nostradamus' Letter to Henri II

I also made a A collection de (2) wallpaper MSPLUS

Libris section

Bibliographie de la bnf(Here are some titles of Nostradamus himself)
Ma bibliographie (Here are some titles in French that are not in the FAQs because they are in French but have to be updated ever since they were there)
Some multimedia files and others stored on the angelfire site for use in past discussions on alt.prophecies.nostradamus



NO MORE FAQs here people as Peter requested but:
The apn FAQs are now hosted by the other greatest
site on the seer besides Mario's: Burak'site

(Some of...) The FAQ (...that need to be rectified on the ng)

These things are but  just a few things that Peter and I disagree on.

1. Nostradamus is, and will be in the foreseeable future (3797), the only post medieval true prophet as per the prophetic texts alone, which cannot  fail, i.e. the quatrains and the 2 accompanying letters. Responsecesar_e.htm

2. There is no word deffraieur so 10,72 is really about a king of fright.  There was no such word as deffraieur in 1555 or ever deffrai.pdf.

3. Other things also can be like the possibility of a lost 1566 edition for the letter 3 last Centuries and the letter to Henri II to The edition the atheist doesn't want you to see because it makes sense and is about the revelations .

4. Things like perpetual would suddenly mean cyclic according to him which is ludicrous.

5. A copy of the post, as I addressed it, that Peter is likely to repost, but will it be with or without my reply?

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