Old Friends: Index page

Author: Jeff Baker (aka, Jeff-B, JA Baker, Sinister Dexter)
Pairing: Harper/Other
Rating: PG
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Disclaimers: It's not mine its Roddenberry's and Tribunes.
Summary: Andromeda runs into and old friend, resulting in tension between Harper and Tyr

Note: this story takes place during series one, after Star-Crossed, but before Its Hour Come Round At Last. With thanks to szhismine for the beta reading.

Part 1: A chance encounter

Part 2: Introductions

Part 3: Orion’s Story, part 1

Part 4: Orion’s Story, part 2

Part 5: Mary and Mark

Part 6: Back to Andromeda

Part 7: Harper and Mary

Part 8: Otherwise Engaged

Part 9: “We can’t change the past”

Part 10: Green-eyed Tyr

Part 11: Spare parts

Part 12: Hijacked

Part 13: That old Harper magic

Part 14: A desperate plan

Part 15: Setting the record straight

Part 16: “Hay Ubers! Come out and play!”

Part 17: Stay

Epilogue: The meaning of love

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