Human Toilet Designs

I've put a lot of thought into designing human toilets. Actually, that's a bit of a misnomer - these are human toilet devices, or human toilet facilitators. I have made the toilet head cage, the squishing toilet chair, and the pit toilet, but would be happy to make some of the others if I can find the right user. If any of them sound like something you just have to own, then drop me a line and let's see if we can come to some sort of arrangement. ;-) I've got nine different basic designs, plus a tenth I include for completeness. Here they are, in order of complexity.

1) Three legged toilet seat.

Just a seat with three legs. Easy to break down for travel. Optional attachments allow for precise positioning of the slave's head. 5 different leg mounts allow optional use of the slave's chest as the third leg. Relatively easy to escape. Complete do-it-yourself instructions for a somewhat inferior four legged version are here.

2) Camping toilet.

Available from most camping supply stores. Basically a toilet seat on a stool, with a plastic bag down below to catch any activity. Cut a hole for the slave's neck, tape it securely in place, and voila. Very easy to escape.

3) Nesting pails.

A slightly more refined version of the camping toilet. Instead of a bag, it has two pails. One pail nests inside another; with holes cut to accomodate a slave's neck. Impossible to escape when in use. Things would get quite interesting in a multi-user environment. Complete do-it-yourself instructions are here.

4) Head cage.

This is my favorite human toilet design. Similar to the nesting pails in concept, it is easy to make, knocks down in a few minutes, and delivers a satisfying toilet experience for the user and the abused. Impossible to escape when in use. Complete do-it-yourself instructions are here, and I've even prepared some ideas for use.

5) Squishing toilet chair.

A wooden slat chair (with a few slats removed), mounted on a ramp in such a way that the weight of the owner squishes the slave's stomach, and pins them into position. Difficult to escape once in use. Complete instructions are here.

6) Racking toilet chair.

A basic toilet seat mounted on a platform. The four corners of the platform are attached to hinged arms, the ends of which are used to attach the slave's wrists and ankles, in a spreadeagle pattern. The weight of the user stretches the slave. Adjustable stops protect against "delimbing" of the slave. Impossible to escape when in use.

7) Basic box.

A box that encloses the slave's head, completely. Lots of pictures of these on the Web. Clamshell design closes around the slave's neck. Bondage attachment points for wrists. Adjustable head support. Lighweight version can be worn while the slave stands and walks around. Relatively difficult to escape.

8) Convertible Throne.

A more elaborate box design, with a high back, and arms. The cushioned seat is removable, and exposes a toilet seat. Bondage attachment points for wrists.

9) Pit toilet.

A complete outhouse, with an easy to enter pit that can accomodate one or more slaves. The pit is usually about 5-6 feet (1.8m) deep. It is a hole dug in the ground, about 4 foot (1.2m) square. The outhouse sits on top, so that the seat is about 7-8 feet (2.3m) above the bottom of the pit. This leaves enough room for the slave to stand (at least during the early usage period - after a while the pit tends to fill in, leaving less room for anyone who might have to fit inside). Escape is possible, but rather difficult, and it would make a lot of noise. Bondage attachment points at either side of the toilet seat, forcing the slave's head to be in a favorable position.

10) Squishing pit toilet.

Similar to the pit toilet (above) except the toilet seating area is housed on a pivot. The slave is positioned with his head under the seat, and his belly under the area where the user rests her feet. When the user enters the toilet, her weight puts pressure on the slave's belly, effectively pinning him into position. This manages to combine two of my favorite activities - being squished, and being used as a toilet.

11) Composting toilet (sorry, but I don't make these).

Essentially a pit toilet, except that it is sealed so it can be installed inside (and emptied out from an access door). A big drum with a coffin shaped box that is positioned at a slight angle from vertical. One of the nice thing about a composing toilet is that there is a little fan that helps to evaporate liquids, and completely eliminates any odors (if you happen to be the user of the toilet).

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