Monday, December 30, 2002
missed me? i missed it... i have been lazy to get on...its been a while. here is what ive been doing.....sleep, eat, ocasional cleaning, tv/movie music, more eating, more been good....hope ur all ok too!
watched movies >> like mike, 8 mile, die another day and the tuxedo.i wanna see lord of the rings twin towers, sweet home alabama and 12 weeks notice...
ok gonna check some stuff and sleep...night!

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Thursday, December 26, 2002
christmas is great! woke up and went to morning mass with family, sis went last night with friends though....had ham for breakkie and cleaned up. the rest of the day i was laying around and sleeping and such. we had mums friend over for dinner and they did karaoke. then opened some presents.
the priest said something like this - a new hope and salvation is born.
today is auntie josies b-day and the whole clan will be there for dinner, its becoming a tradition thing.....should be fun!
love my new jeans! night!
ps. thanks everyone who sent me txt messages and xmas cards....i'll definetely make xmas cards next year!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2002
i needed an alone time.....i know its xmas when bro and sis went xmas shopping with their friends i got it.....just play loud music by myself

later on that day its nice that someone is there with you....wasnt so alone when hosai called.

>>> love xmas songs!!!
*n-sync - holy night
*mariah carey - all i want for christmas
*jose marie chan - christmas in our hearts
*celine dion - o come all ye faithful
*frank and bing - have yourself a merry little christmas

i am grateful for this xmas that i have my love ones and are all ok, i am ok too!

i used to think.....whats with the xmas cards, or cards/notes in general and i realise the sentiment and thought that comes with it....just like those friendly greetings and letters, calls, notes and emails and yes also nice!!!! those cartoons in the teli and shows about xmas.....they said that xmas is felt inside in heart and not with stuff outside, but they help. i feel light and happy and thankful and care for others and peace and thats what they said in the cartoon/shows. all is nice!

btw...i had an insanity

"have a very merry christmas and a happy new year , spreading love and joy and happiness with lots of good cheer" :: tlc-sleigh ride

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Monday, December 23, 2002
2 days ti'll x-mas!!! i betta that the time...yeah night/morning! have a fun day all!!!
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i woke and thought that i wont be going to the friends xmas picnic, i wasnt happy, feel sick and i might get in trouble and no cash. but i went. i thought i was late but i was second to arrive... i saw my high school friends. some were invited but didnt come.
carol and bf wayne, ness and bf michael, teri and bec. we had a picnic, talked and had fun.
carol, ness, teri, bec and me then took santa (who was not that nice) pic at the shops. it was my first and was kinda surprised, it was all good.
people left for work so it was just me, bec, ness and teri.......the main bloggers.....
later that day we had another pic with the grace bros santa coz he looked so pleasant and kind talking to us about the spirit xmas while ness was looking for xmas present.
we walked around looking for gifts or bascially just walking and talking and took a few breaks one infront of timezone, after taking a sticker photo and one close to the exit infront of the music shop. we talked for a while... one topic was going to sexpo next year........should be fun and
we had weird topics like would you taste breast milk and one saying i would taste yours and people who aren't there of was fun! had a cool time. so glad i came
i caught the bus home and went to the route i used to catch in high school and i missed it. some changed while other looked the same. memory lane.
got home and nice to see all my family home chilling, sis was tagging x-mas presents that my mum wrapped last night, dad was cooking fried chicken while watching the tele, mum was on the phone and bro was watching tele, dogs just there too. a call from viv too like she said she would......

its all good!


mariebel called me this morning coz she read my blog as well. she has problems with her marks too. its so nice. im not alone. wait and not worry....

went x-mas shopping with!!!
bought jeans....yey!!!!
watched movie with bro and sis - blue crush - ok

hosai just called me too while i was talking to meb and she said that she failed infosec. omg...everyone seems to be having a dilemma.... please let us get thought this and let us all pass and graduate.




i should be happy that i passed the others.....and i am!!!!!!!! yey!!!!!!!


this is the reply..........

Come and see me after 27/01/03, I'm on leave now.
Dr Ewa Z. Bem


i am just gonna enjoy this break coz i cant see her ti'll that date....what ever happens yeah......

made this new layout!!!! tlc 3d!!!!!!!! love the album and them. this pic is so fun and happy!!!...thats me!!!......already had my relaxation time with the previous waterfall nature layout....this one is simple and fun! ......i like simple....ok off to surf my free time!!! btw also changed the pic at usfriends. good day today!
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Saturday, December 21, 2002
couldnt wait for the mail......since i am online....just gonna share this..............

2002_SP 300087 Artificial Intelligence PASS
2002_SP 300106 Decision Support Systems CREDIT
2002_SP 300128 Information Security PASS
2002_SP 300149 Operating Systems FAIL
2002_SP SS245A Introduction to Psychoanalysis PASS

i am so sad......................................
i wrote an email already to the lecturer/co-ordinator..............

My name is Arvinlexter Soriano, 99136013.
I am writing regarding my result for my Operating Systems Mark.
I checked platform web and it said that i recieved a Fail grade.
I studied so hard for this subject and i thought that i would have passed it.
The first time I did Operating Systems in 2000, i recieved a Terminating Pass.
Because i have 3 outstanding TP/CP i had no choice but to do this subject again this semester because of the new rule that only allows 2 TP/CP.
This spring was suppose to be my last semester, this is my fourth year.
I have passed the other 4 last subjects that i did this spring semester. This is the only subject that is stopping me from graduating in Autumn.
If i dont get a pass for this subject i would need to return next year to do just one subject and i realy do not want this to happen.
Is there any way that i can get a pass for this subject or able to graduate with the current subjects and credit points that i have already accumulated during my 4 years study.
I am so worried and I would like to fix this as soon as possible so i can graduate this Autumn. Please. If i can, would like to book a meeting with you to discuss this further.
I hope you understand my situation.
Arvinlexter Soriano

lets see what happens...please God.......let it be alright! i want to graduate so bad......i am so close......yet so far right now.......
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Friday, December 20, 2002
too tired... i think im gonna sleep now i still have to clean tomorrow. my sis is gonna get her hsc mark now i think, she was gonna wait for the mail like what i'll do but parents are making her. shes kinda worried...anyways night!

been helping viv study infosec through the phone. btw last day with baby charline tomorrow coz they are going to holidays in phils, shes so cute. gonna miss her!

quotes i like:
* dont let anyone destroy you
* im hurt but i know i'll be alright
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Thursday, December 19, 2002
i woke up this early so i can post and surf. i feel so sleepy but i guess i'll sleep later after 7. anyways i got a call from meb yesterday and she said shes coming over to drop something. she came (from jos's house) at around 4:45 and ended up leaving just before 9. she dropped me the beaches cd that viv borrowed last 2000 olympics. it was so nice to see her. i felt so happy. its so nice! we talked for ages and its just nice to see a good friend for such a while. plus she knew i get those uni mags and she got one for me! all in all happy to see and talk to her!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2002
hey all!! its been hectic, well its ok. results are coming soon, arghhhh...i lost my isp and now only have 1-7am, i had a dilemma about it and now its totally gone. you guys can't call or message me in the mobile coz the plan finished and still yet to buy a new sim card and im just enjoying x-mas and new years break! its so hot.

eddies b-day last sunday and it was nice! picnic in the city late afternoon and walked the bridge at sunset. john, paulo, eddie and me then had desserts at maccas and got home all in under 4 hours.

been helping doing the garden, still hot, charline is so cute and i missed the net..........i have to use 1-7, its a bother but its ok. at least i have it still.....have a fun break everyone!!!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Aquarius = thats me!

General behavior:
Aquarians in general come in two different types: shy, and lively. Both are strong-willed and honest. Your thoughts are orderly and you plan your life in a systematic manner. Sometimes you are aggressive and loud. You are unprejudiced and can see other's points of views. You are serious, but you can also be funny with a dry sense of humor. You are also logical and intelligent. There are times when you feel the need to withdraw from people and be alone for a while, which causes some people to think that you are a loner. But, while you are alone, you enjoy meditating and prayer. Aquarians are usually gifted in drama. You are very independent and rarely go along with the crowd. Some Aquarians are extremely egotistical, as a result will drive friends away.

Romantic behavior:
You are romantic and idealistic and tend to put your beloved on a pedestal. However, if things don't go as planned the consequent disillusionment gives rise to much unhappiness. You are usually faithful and loyal, but occasionally you behave quite opposite. When the opposite sex is concerned, you must learn to keep a low key. Over-activity or misplaced trust can lead to a trouble. You are advised to go slow when you are not sure; it is better than regretting the consequences at leisure.

Important Information on Aquarians

Good career choices for you are:

electronics operator

You are prone to leg problems and nervous system difficulties.
Your ruling planet: Uranus.
The water barer is associated with Aquarius.
Your lucky color: Turquoise.
Your lucky gemstone : Turquoise.
Your lucky numbers : 2, 3, 7.

(from jos's link a while back) -
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i just got this from penta cool..didnt know....i got penta diary from one of my links mar and if u want to it its here enjoy!

fontname=Times New Roman

20020811=wow. i like this!
20020819=aleta is here
20020901=whats happening
20020914=so much to say
20020928=its been a while
20020929=bro and sis bond
20020930=best wishes
20021006=too many things happened.
20021007=us friends
20021022=plans happens?!
20021021=dream interpreted
20021023=friday 5
20021026=family sticking together
20021027=when i was young
20021110=where it leads
20021123=nearly there with mixed emotions
20021129=im back to us friends
20021202=no more
20021205=walking too much
20021206=MY BACK
20021208=blog and layouts
20021209=can u just do that
20021211=scared and hopeful

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omg...i have been using up so much of the download and the limit is getting close and its not even half the month yet so yeah... i dont think i can go to tpg a lot coz its so late. so id be posting less. i wish i have unlimitted...dratts..... i wont be able to see my friends pages and as well as post my own online posts often now..... but id still be journaling like always! i love this software, penta, for offline pc journaling or what ever u want to use it for and of course my good old (new) back in the habit now...kinda crazy....but yeah....its all good!!!

the day is good! me, bro, sis and baby charline are at home just chillin. didnt know i've been bitter and also scared...... i realised. i need to chill, let go and be happy. que sera sera!!!

if i cant post it it is..............

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings!


:) + <3 + xoxoxo

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--> i like this quotes/post from {Melissa}

"A clear conscience is most often a sign of a bad memory." -Unknown

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." -Mark Twain

"There are three things which I consider excellent advice. First, don't smoke to excess. Second, don't drink to excess. Third, don't marry to excess." -Mark Twain

"You know who critics are?--the men who have failed in literature and art."-Benjamin Disraeli

"And how is 'education' supposed to make me feel smarter? Everytime I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain!" -Homer Simpson

"If you don't like your job you don't strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That's the American way." -Homer Simpson

"The more you love what you are doing, the more successful it will be for you."-Jerry Gillies

"The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world it's own shame."-Oscar Wilde

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society" -Mark Twain

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."-Leonardo da Vinci
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i realised that even if i am quite outspoken and have weird ideas and sides about certain topics and modern things like the city life and technology i like old traditional values and lifestyle. im pretty old fashion and like the simple things in life, like being with family and friends, being happy and civil with people, home cook meals, pen and papers, picnics, walking, respect, cottage living, (ilog) creeks, friendly neighbours, town fiestas and old churches like my home town in phils and just simple things, simple pleasures of life!

bituin was so good! cant wait what they will think of next coz things are revealing so fast! smallville and the finale rocks! my bro had his formal yesterday, i think he had a great time. he came home at 4am.

its cold and rainy! good good!

ps... eddie's new page!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2002
[raining!!!] - [bituin-filo show] - [feel so good] - []
finally got the x-mas tree up! looks small coz we took the bottom part off and its smaller than i am used to. but it looks nice! looks x-massy now.....
hosai came over and got my notes yesterday and had a talk with jos last night, its good to hear whats been happening with her.
i am getting bored and i dont wanna do stupid
i had a panic paranoia and thought i might have cancer in my spine coz my back was still its getting better
cant wait to watch bituin tonight!
[tlc - girl talk jack knife remix] [b2k feat p.diddy - bump bump bump] [dirty - chirstina aguilera] [ll cool j - love u better]
ps. meb sent me a really nice text message just sweet
i wish all my friends doing supp all the best ....viv, meb and hosai....etc...who else?!
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Sunday, December 08, 2002
wanna know ARVIN?!
1. your name spelled backwards. >> nivra
2. where were your parents born? >> pangasinan, philippines
3. what is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? >> tlc ad for album 3d
4. what's your favorite restaurant? >> nothing particular....burger king/hungry jacks or that thai, panda, pizza place too
5. last time you swam in a pool? >> long time year 10
6. have you ever been in a school play? >> no, i wish
7. how many kids do you want? >> 3 or 4 or more
8. type of music you dislike most? >> anything thats too much (too much rap, dance, pop, metal)
9. are you registered to vote? >> yes
10. do you have cable? >> no, i wish
11. have you ever ridden on a moped? >> no...whats a moped?
12. ever prank call anybody? >>
13. ever get a parking ticket? >> no
14. would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? >> yes, when im older...around 28
15. farthest place you ever traveled. >> homeland or here in aussie land
16. do you have a garden? >> yes of course
17. what's your favorite comic strip? >> garfield or peanuts
18. do you really know all the words to your national anthem? >> i think so
19. bath or shower, morning or night? >> shower morning
20. best movie you've seen in the past month? >> videokeking and forvermore (filo) and the ring!!!!!
21. favorite pizza topping? >> meat lovers....mmm
22. chips or popcorn? >> chips coz popcorn sticks to ur teeth
23. what color lipstick do you usually wear? >> dont wear any
24. have you ever smoked peanut shells? >> no...why is it good?
25. have you ever been in a beauty pageant? >> no
26. orange juice or apple? >> orange juice
27. who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine? >> family at a fast food place
28. favorite type chocolate bar? >> flake or golden rough
29. when was the last time you voted at the polls? >> cant remember
30. last time you ate a homegrown tomato? >> 2/3 years ago... i think
31. have you ever won a trophy? >> no...i wish
32. are you a good cook? >> no.. cant
33. do you know how to pump your own gas? >> never had the chance
34. ever ordered an article from an infomercial? >> no
35. sprite or 7-up? >> 7-up no sprite....both
36. have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? >> no...yes i had to wear a hat....does that count
37. last thing you bought at a pharmacy? >> medecine for my allergy/cold
38. ever threw up in public? >> yes... at a excursion year
39. would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? >> find true love
40. do you believe in love at first sight? >> no... as if
41. ever call a 1-900 number? >> doesnt exist....but if ur talking about those...1800....for infos only
42. can ex's be friends? >> yes... if they are mature enough and can get over it.....
43. who was the last person you visited in a hospital? >> aunt who was sick... now all better
44. did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby? >> dont know...maybe
45. what message is on your answering machine? >> the one that comes with the phone
46. what's your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character? >> dont watch it
47. what was the name of your first pet? >> jeizel {dog}
48. what is in your purse? >> dont carry a purse, my, cards and infos
49. favorite thing to do before bedtime? >> drink water and pray
50. what is one are three things you are grateful for today? >> i have a great family, friends and i am healthy!
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whats with people when they say get a life? or at least i have a life.....i think its not saying that you have no life so go get one, i think its more mind your own business and stop butting in on it...i think...orrrr maybe they really need to do something with their in it seems that ur life is not enough....but how can someone know whats best for u or if your happy.....too many questions...
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i should give credit for my new layout is to webshots! [i use for my desktop background] it is a picture of South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon taken by Wood Sabold, i think. i actually really like it and it took me less than an hour to make, u can tell coz i just copied and cut the picture all good and needed a change. distracted comes from a song i like by i5, i also like the word and how i get distracted by so many things in life both reality and fanstasy.

woke up and mum mostly coz u can tell she is pissed and some dad about us not helping enough in the house and sleeping in. umm what else needs to be done? its all clean....cant they wait. anyways it kinda finished now. i know now. been lazy today.

we were suppose to get bituin tape, where is it? i want to watch it!...there is more'll be on tuesday now...its ok

i downloaded or ftp this, i mean all my blogs monthly last night for safe keepings sake after the new layout was made and today i have been reading it and i cant believe all the stuff i wrote, i can remember things that happened and learnt and felt, vented and liked, disliked, wanted, cared, issues, how i think and stuff... u name it its all there...i am so thankful that i did it and will continue doing it. for a while more. [actually for along while, i have 3j's. online, notebook and pc] this is a new beginning since what happened to my old journals, gone, thrown away by me. i wish i kept them, nothing i can do now.

just came back from church, its good but my back is hurting more on the walk home... i thought it'll be full better tomorrow.

a couple of more weeks ti'll christmas and new years. have a great one everyone!
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[always - bon jovi]

i am going to sleep soon. i am just not in the mood since the whole day ive beel laying around. fusion's dance was alright, they went home early. too tired.

i wish i could get rid of baggage, we always carry baggage with us (both good and bad but bad is empahasized). listen to" tlc - damage" [nice song] so do we? well i think so, we walk around not with hard feelings but memories and thoughts about certain things that are triggered randomly and you cant help feel something afterwards. i guess its something hard to dodge. just humm or sing a song, once ur busy its all gone until it creeps back in. thats why im packing light.

i have a question, are pessimistic people sad? what if they are so happy that they try and think of sad things to make themself feel something...
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[nobody's fool - avril lavigne]

how can u say u know me? can we ever know anyone? can we ever know ourself? an extent...
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Saturday, December 07, 2002
[Otown-these are the days] - [michelle branch-goodbye to you] - [madonna-die another day]

hey i just made this quick new layout called distracted! i like it. its plain, simple, green with a nature pic. something neutral and relaxing. my back still hurts and now my neck too. i cant stand not being able to move with full motion, i cant even stand stand long too. after this i am definitely gonna go on a fitness routine, what if i end up young and un healthy, not gonna happen i hope.

mum had over time (7to7) and dad did all the chores, i barely helped so bro and sis did the work. wish my bro and sis well in their dance performance in summer jam/groove.

ps. happy b-day ROYA!
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Friday, December 06, 2002
[happy] - [please rain] - [tlc -3d]

-my back still hurts
-had take away for dinner
-i love my journals!
-tlc rocks!
-gonna go on an adventure!
-all is
-i betta sleep
-night all!

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i woke up ok and was playing with the baby and right around 10 my back broke, it felt like i was about to lose a spine. it hurts soo bad. i went to sleep although all i an feel is pain and hear my sister and baby charline making baby noises. i woke up and ate lunch and tried to clean.

dad massaged (feels better now) it and just layed and watch tv for the rest of the day. i felt so guilty mum and dad cleaning and i was at home already, i had a reason and i tried.

my brother came home late and was suppose to come early to make the music and practice but decided that last day of year 10 (he'll see his friends since there is a connecting year 11 and 12) he's just gonna not turn up even though he told the dance group that he'll be there. my sister pissed about it did the music and tomorrow is the dance. even though they are just guest dancers not competitors they dont wanna make a full of theselves.

ok gonna go and buy take away dinner with sis, i think. dad and bro went to b-ball already.

hosai called me to say hello! how nice!

btw. tlc is forever! the best ever!

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Thursday, December 05, 2002
after a whole day with sister and also the baby who needs your full attention all the time coz it just does, well most of the time, me and my sis went to the shops, i decided to go and see places instead of sitting on my ass at home.

we were supose to meet our parents afte they do their weekly shopping but they decided to go home and called us to call them when we needed picking up instead.

me and sis went to this new outlet store at mt druit which is pretty good until i got tired following my sis shop (using her b-day present money) and give some opinions.

got home tired but shes said she'll be coming back this weekend

i wanna watch a these new shows.

my sentences goes into so many tangents.

what if i work at a shop.

my bros formal next week...he doesnt know what to wear.....actually just what shirt....

omg...i am using up so limit..... many bush fires....please rain again!

[justin timberlake - like i love you >> cool beat]
[jlo - jenny from the block >> nice beat]
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my neighbours jobs:

names i like:
:: jared and laila


i like strong names too...

[angie martinez ft. lil mo - if i can go >> party relax vybe]
[cam'ron - hey ma >> cool fun vybe]
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Wednesday, December 04, 2002
The Enneagram Test - ancient science of personality

arvin, you're a Type 2 - The Humanitarian

Friends, family, and colleagues probably appreciate your caring and generous nature. They're also apt to know that when they come to you with a problem, you'll usually offer a shoulder to cry on and unparalleled compassion. As a Humanitarian, you're likely to be seen as a loving and helpful person with a kind heart.

Being a member of this type puts you in good company. Mother Teresa, with her tireless devotion to aid the sick and destitute members of society, and Bishop Desmond Tutu, with his emphasis on nonviolent protest against racial injustices, are also Type 2s

This means that compared to the eight other Enneagram types, you have a strong sense of empathy for other people. In fact, you're the kind of warm, sincere person who can be uniquely capable of seeing the good in others.

Did you know?

At their worst, Humanitarians can sometimes become unhelpful and disappoint others. But at their best, they have faith in the goodness of life and the world.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2002
ok....dropped the letter to An and the cds to Jos...
should i make x-mas year....
should i do a project....what do i do?
exercise.....its too hot.......and eveyone is around.....
hmm....get a job.......i dont know....
bro and sis are doing a dance again with fusion...parents know this time...they are in practice everyday this week. i feel like joining...
omg....the tape i taped amazing race was wrecked by the vcr....argh!!!!!!
- what to do now... surf a while...dont feel like chatting.....
i saw didnt give enough chance...time to sit down and really watch it....(maybe i was busy with uni too) its pretty good. the finale looks great next week....not just the good looking people.....its pretty good!
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Sunday, December 01, 2002
one of the cards my sister got.....(card to sis from kuya joel, pinky and jemil)

what the heart craves,
what dreams reveal.



what fuels the soul.

whatever warms your spirit
and lightens your heart...
whatever helps you
to realise your dreams
and preserve your
beautiful memories...
whatever you're wishing for
with all your heart...
that's what you're wished
on your birthday and always.
happy birthday


my mum and dad are the best! they made the party happen, they worked so hard for it and its so nice that they do these kinda things for us.

i also got some bonding time with my bro and sis too, which is nice! we watched 'the ring' which is an awesome awesome movie!!! (its about time there is somethnig worth watching - so worth it!!!). the last time we watched together in a theatre was i think 'cayote ugly'.

what to do now? i need to burn Jos' cd and write a letter for An to read on the plane when she holidays to Malaysia, i'll drop them tomorrow night.

cant wait to see baby Charline Mae tomorrow! so cute!


if u don't analyse or think about it
it won't have any value
or it won't mean so much
and you wonder why nobody is around

if u analyse or think about it too much
it will lose its value
or its true value changes
and you wonder why its so complicated


be happy, be smart , be nice.

ps. i can smell christmas!!! season's greetings everyone!

::::: Arvin was distracted @ 10:34 PM -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! the day went well. im kinda tired. after cleaning up i just wanna drop to sleep.
everyone or basicaly everyone came, family friends plus sisters and bros friends too.
its all good. we had fun, a time to see family and talk and see how everyone is and what they are up to (i got my.... are u finish? question and i answer if i pass all these then im done with a thought begging desperately that i will), eat and just enjoy the brithday!
sister is happy with friends as well as family. dad went to sleep who is too tired, bro is entertaining some friends still here and mum is still cleaning up and its 1:32am. i already did as much as i can to help. thank god it didnt rain on the party and seeing happy faces!
we have enough leftover food from the party to last the whole
paulo and shannon was gonna drop by to tell me about the trip but when i told them, sure we are having a party, u guys can eat here, they didnt arrive. and also something small happened this morning and its all ok now for my unifriends.
the party is awesome, seeing them makes me realize that i am getting older (coz the kids are growing up so fast) and we are all still a family no mater what!
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