Monday, September 30, 2002
our new tooth paste is nice. my mouth feels so good and the after taste is yum. so fresh. and im just gonna be here a while coz waiting for something to download.
i am so cold recently and i just nothice i dont remember much rain this year, yeah the drought in the farm lands in aussie land, thats bad. and there is also war developement kinda, its becasue iraq and some other country plus sadam hussien where the u.s. and aus and brit plus some other coutries wanna stop him. what is the world going through?
superstars getting 20 million for a movie or executives getting 50-thousand per week while some people cant even get a meal a day or fresh water. some people give up and dont bother doing to school while others have no education and would do anything to learn. people shop at expensive stores just to have somethnig cool and branded while others look through garbage tips to see if they can salvage something they can use. people dont care for their family and tries to getaway from them while others are loosing loved ones from cimes and illness. people who has everthing wants more and dont bother sharing their gift while another even though they have barely enough would offer it to people who needs it more. people die for the lack of medicine while others abuse medicine and become drug addicts. some people have no care for human life while others give up their life for another. some are overweight while others die from hunger. some polute and destroy the environment and wildlife while we all live in this one plant. this is all we've got, we only have each other. is it fair? is it meant to be? thats why we are here, we need to look out for one another and this world we live in.

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My brother made breakfast and I found that he wants to own a restaurant. I thought so coz if he cant do graphics design he wants to be a chief, pretty cool. I wanna do those! My sister on the other hand enrolled for uni choosing business and teaching, which she realise she wants to do plus maybe nursing. Well today she went to help this girl from school for her talent on a pageant. them 5 girls practiced all day and at the end the girl they were gonna back up (dance) decided to sing, also this guy was trying to pick her up which she said No of course, and she got to dance (party after pageant-mpc) but other than that she rather stay home.
My dad is feeling better from the dizzy spells and no sleep. thanks! and my mum is good too, she was talking to that girls mum from the pageant this morning and she didnt realise that she allowed my sister to do dance but yeah there was missundersatnding on both sides. lol
i started working on a new layout, its kinda finished, but i might change it. i love doing it!
jos called about o.b and i felt bad coz my bro was on the other line. how could that happen? imposing too much? the reason why i cant come to uni or anywhere this week is that im broke, so please dont think i am a snob or whatevu. so have fun u guys! later!
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Sunday, September 29, 2002
Hey its been a while since i last wrote.
Warning! if u dont know who won amazing race dont read the rest of the post.
Recap. Tuesday night after my (family) got home, everythnig exploded, so i decided to go to sleep before i say anything i regret.
Lets start Wednesday, my sisters last day of High School and as usual she was late, which she planned by the way. She told me just before she left she took her time getting up and getting ready, event though she didnt like her school shes going to miss the high school lifestyle and seeing close friends on a daily basis. They have this tradition that started after my year finished *urghhh*where the year 12s walk in the middle while at the sides everyone from below the year and teachers and staff are clapping for them while they leave the school grounds, it is so nice. I can just imagine how cool it is.
Thursday came and I was so worried for I have 3 asessments that is due Friday. I came to uni late coz i wanted to get most of psycho done, i got to uni and so far have done half of psycho, is and ai. I was ok. The rest of that afternnon was me doing IS, i was so annoyed at some people and i was about to give up, then Mariebel came!!! with Basam and was able to correct the errors in the runs. Thank so much, i was gonna give up ! I was so glad. 8pm came and i was still having trouble with few errors, Hosai called Bala who is so smart helped us, so that was ok I went home where Hosai dropped me at Kingswood and got my dad to pick me up.
That night I finished Psycho and started documentation for IS while talking to my sister about her formal and her dress for the next day. I planned to sleep at 3 and wake up at 5 but didnt so I slept at 5am. Which was a better Idea!
Woke up at 7am and went to school. arrived at 9 and touched up my IS code. Then went to psycho where i saw Viv and Jos. We handed the assignment but they stayed for the 2nd half the lecture. I got back to the other campus and finished my IS ass and tried as much on helping Viv and Hosai. Started AI which is the last assignment where me and Jos was nearly late, thanks for the help Jos, and also we were running to the V building. We managed to hand them in on time as well as upload the codes. So glad I got it done! please, hope I do well!
From then Viv went home for her dads B-day and we (Jos, Meb, and I) help Hosai with IWSD, at first it was useless since we didnt remember or know them then a miracle happen. yes that mirracle. It worked and each of us were able to help her in some way and still were able to talk, hang, share and laugh.
Meb had nothing that day other than an overdue book and she came and stayed. *sweet*
Hosai left while JAM decided that we were young and the night was young too. *gee that sounded no not poetic* After looking and deciding what to do we went to this Thai restaurant (this buffet thing was a bit more expensive) and ate dinner after saying a blessing led by me. *aww...* It was nice, the food was too. We ate and spoke of not people or tv but our past and how we were and our highschool - our friends and the things we did. Things we didnt know about each other, but now do, share stories. It was a picture moment but it got stuck. And i pulled a plant to keep. lol
got home before 11.
My brother lost his finals basketball game (2nd time in a row - finals) and saw my sisters formal pics they took from the digital camera. I was so tired having less then 2 hours of sleep and decided to sleep.
The next day came and woke up before 11. but around 6 my mum was yelling coz my sister wasnt home yet. actually her whole group (5girls) wasnt home yet. Coz around 3am in the morning Angela's mum was so worried that she came over coz they were not home yet. My mum and her drove around decided to look for them, since i was half asleep, thats what i think iheard, they were following leads (name of the people who was having an after party - kinda embarassing). The mobile wasnt answering. I was kinda scared but they were all together and are teenager. Around 6:30 my brother said call my cousin aleta's house, which i was thinking since my mum started yelling/worry at 6am.They were there. Thank God. She got home at 7am and my mum was screaming at her, she said she went to those party and left to another party and came back, the mobile was on the trunk of the car where my sister drove (cousin jeff's nice black car) and they did that coz it was formal, thats what they did. My mum and dad was furious and so worried, i was too.
I mean they didnt even call. My sister said everyone loved her dress even though she didnt really like it and they (5girls-i think) actually went to the beach and saw the sunrise together. so nice. she decided to sleep from 7am to 6pm
While i cleaned my room and the back. My brother went with this people from youth for christ to play basketball at pcyc. And of course he got away from doing chores around the house. He got home and at 5 and at 7 his friends picked him up and went to watch a movie at someones house. got home before 1 and talked on the phone with someone and went to sleep. i hope he doesnt go astray (as in doesnt stay at home and just want to be with friends 24/7) coz sometimes i worrry about his friends, they are not what u call...not gonna say but they are ok some are just kinda not sure. i mean they are ok but still.
I went to sleep at the afternoon. was gonna go online but couldnt, some error. It was actually good coz i didnt know i needed more sleep.

things to mention:
after talking to viv.....and relaying a message from viv to jos and vice versa.....amazing race came on!!!!!! blake and paige didnt win...i wanted them to win amazing race. they came third. tara and will came second and the 2 bestfriend guys won. I so wanna do that show! awesome show and adventure!
blake and paige are so sweet! (bro and sis)
my brother and sister are close to me but they both have something that they keep from me mostly boyfriend/girlfriend, i think. 1) coz they go to the same school 2) know the same people 3) they are closer in age, well im not that far away from their age either.
did you know this year we all have the age:
me - 21 y/o
sis- 18 y/o
bro - 16 y/o
those are the age milestones when ur young! so cool!
what esle. pretty woman is the nest romantic movie ever! my sister is watching it again right now.
holidays for me next week 1 week, bro's too for 2 weeks and my sisters for a month or less i think for the hsc study break. i just wanna chill and do some uni work and my site, new layout and sleep.
also my cousin joel will be graduating college as well as my friends beenish and azeena. congrats!!!! eugene graduated on time, one of my first friends at uni, wonder how he is.
saw that guy who can talk to dead and i wonder what happens to us when we die. can he answer that. all i heard him say was that we live in the phisical world while they live in the spiritual!
thanks Jos and Meb (aslo sometime Hosai) for the lift! and my dad too!
Its so nice to remember somethnig and the same people are there and they remember it with you and its just so nice.
Thanks to all the help me get though that first half of the semester (family and friends) I had a great time. I didnt take pictures but I will be when we come back! Night!
*grrr* the dogs (barkley and qt) arent tied up or feed yet and today is my bros turn. thats his job and he cant do cold outside. dont like doing other people's job.....ok. later!
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Saturday, September 28, 2002
wassup u all! so happy i finished 3 assessments yesterday. hope i get good marks! please! yeah caught up on my sleep since i cant go online this arvo. yeah cant wait for amazing race season finale! yeah tell you about whats the hap later u all! - (lol...did i just sound so fake or what?! anyways i know u guys are thinking it...or maybe im judging too early. whuteva...tell ya later!)...i keep saying yeah....stop it arvin
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Tuesday, September 24, 2002
they are not home yet. i got so distracted that i havent done much uni work yet. yeah my sisters yr 12 formal dress looks just ok. it can pass. now the hair is the only critic is that the top part looks kinda full....kinda fluffy...on that note my brothers year 10 formal is cancelled coz everyone is mucking up at school so, yeah maybe its only a warning or for real.....gonna go to sleep soon. just wake up early and prepare everything tomorrow for some solid work. now need to feed barkley and qt (pet dogs) i think they havent been feed and tied up....yeah gonna sleep b4 12. im tired and cant concetrate anymore. so weird getting home at night and no one is home...yeah ....oh last night my sis ended up coming home b4 2pm.....coz of my cousin....the things people do. in love?....gets annoying when they some how pissed me off....there goes my judgemental and cold side....yeah....learnt stuff again about urs truly.....urgh....i have connect to again...disconnected its posted.
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last night i spoke to my good friend and i have never spoken to this person for so long on the phone and talked for such a long time. so weird. but yeah. had a conversation. and i wasnt even thhe one that called. i feel so sleepy this morning i couldnt even open my eyes. the bus was late soo much that the next bus came and picked us up. urgh....i got to uni late. someone should really complain....its so annoying....

:::memory lane::::
S.A.D. times where we were rushing to parra and it was raining..(jos, meb and i was talking about it)
the people that used to stare at me a lot during high school (told jos about it....she got those too as well as hos)

got home tonight after todays OS day, got it handed on time, hope its right and also helped hos a bit.
also saw viv and amali today but they left early........ i was talking to jos and i have no idea how common our childhood environment/people was, we can both remenise about the province life...those were the days....urghhh....hosai was late gain.... but yeah her computer is broken again.

yeah CONGRATS sis!!!!!!
she's Graduating High School tonight...thats why when i got home no one is home...they all came.........last night was graduation mass....that was 4 years for me....i can still remember it. they clapped for me when i got my certificate and i was one of those people that operated the picture/music refelction time....

yeah i think im sleeping early tomorrow i can, psycho and ai...and get to read mebs writing on the group book coz she cant even let me and jos read it today and yeah she made a entrance to her page and its jamv and se left out her pic and she has our pics so big....nice and everythnig but yeah.....its cool

ps: some of the stuff dont make sense ir grong grammar and spelling but yeah....just wanted to post family isnt home from the sis grad yet....gonna search psycho and sleep b4 12. also such a warm day today/tonight.
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Monday, September 23, 2002
i thoughht i'll get OS done today and maybe start info sec but now, hosai isnt here yet. my lab partner and she has the i.s. stuff. surfed enough.....i just want to get home, jos messaged her and we talked yesterday about coming today and now where is she. im just here. could someone puh me over the edge and so i could start chucking at tantrum in room y241. i dont care anymore. i want to sing loud really bad like the dream i had with the charmed sisters. i wanna annoy gonna surf some more.
actual time 2:44pm.....these people are here........... alis ka diyan!!!!!

The Matrix Symbolism: Reluctant Messiah

what movie symbolism are you? find out!

found this.. Ultimate Aquarius Site
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amazing race was awesome! i wanna audition to do it. i cant wait for the season finale next saturday and also the fact that i would also have finished all my assessments before the midterm break.
i am so proud of my bro and sis. their dance group came in second and their music stuffed up a bit. the winner is this group that do the same crap every dance competition, they have this cute little kid that dance to make their perfornance something more than trash. well yeah, everyone said how good "fusion" (thats the name of their group) were and that they should get a manager. i cant wait to see the tape. go fussion!!! (the team consist of my bro and sis, this 2 sisters and 2 guys) for some reason this girl slept over even though her sister ended up getting home (just found out that they both slept over other peoples houses and so they wouldnt get caught by just one going home, by saying they both stayed at the same place - sneaky) i dont know but dont tell me my bro and her are going out. urghhh. she annoys me so much especially the way she acted at my bro's party and she smokes. i dont know her completely but from what ive seen so far what does my bro see in her.
as my for my sis she dispise her school and is getting sick of her friends. the things they do, so stupid. they were suppose to perform and this girl was late coz she was meeting up with a guy, my cousin let it slip coz my sis wasnt suppose to know and at the end all the rehearsal was a waste coz their slot was cancelled coz they were late. i'd be pissed too. and yeah they went to see the dress, my mum said it was ok, my sister said its crap. i'll see it tomorrow. now she doesnt know if shes going to school tomorrow, this is her last week of highschool days.
as for me i feel so guilty all weekend i have been doing nothing, eating, net, sleep, watch...not uni work, i was chatting to meb about it and at least she worked.
so what can i do:
si - decide what to do. dont have it at home.
so - its at school and i think its already done
ia - half done and the other i need to find
ps - i need to buy the book tomorrow
sd - nothing is due
so now im just gonna do nothing ti'll tomorrow, coz i know i'll be busy next week. wish me luck! i should start...all ive been doing all day was basically eat, sleep, pc and whatever is on the tele, basically ive been a couch potatoe.
i wanna post this......sunday arvo - 22sep.
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Saturday, September 21, 2002
parents went to see the person that was caught. bro and sis are secretly going to dance comp. and im trying to do work but cant. i cant wait ti'll next week finish. i wish i get everything done well. called an and she said she'll look but cant remember if she did it.
bro's team won semis and my sis will not be going to this years filo pageant. she might next year andi doubt it. but my bro and sis and their dance team will be dancing there so i hope i get to see them.
umm miss teen usa is on. yeah. im so restless. what does restless mean? is it your tired or ur too active....not sure.....well im both....i think..
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i have forgotten everything that was in my mind. im so blank right now. ok i'll try to remember stuff. jos and meb keeps teasing me about being friends again with viv, but we were not not friends, so what were they talking about. so happy! thanks for it, ive always wanted it since i was in phils. hosai getting engage, i cant believe it and she didnt even tell us, roya did. i dont know whats up with her. well just hope that shes happy and know what she is doing.
yeah i ended up coming home late at 9pm again... hate waiting... please never happen again.
played a trick with viv and her watch-ring just like i did b4 to mebs mobile phone, yes its slack and its funny too but i tell them at the end. the trick is to try to make them look for it and pretend to be concerned and help them look. it sounds so slack but it doesnt last more than 5 minutes so i hope they dont mind.
i was talking to chris while we walked to uni and its like old times how we talk about adventures and give a summary of some amazing book he is read... all similar to tolkien. it was nice. i missed it, we use to spend hours discussing characters, magic, stories, adventures and he draws really well to, i used to ask him to draw some of my characters for my stories. he is very talented and smart.
saw sumrah as well and she is fine, she has decided to do 1 subject this sem for her baby "maahem" (think thats how it is spelt). good for her. the baby needs her mum specially that its inly a month old but i give her credit for still sticking and pursuing her degree. wow. i wish her all the best.
jos. wow! so passionate about teaching. if i really want it i would try to do it. pursue my passion that is, do what makes you happy! if teach is want you want meb recommends grad. dip. but u will be teaching computers or in ur degree but its only 1 extra year.
meb is having fun 2night. her bro's party! and gomez... now she should say more than a hello, get to know him and tell us what he is really like...
amali. give her credit for doing animation2 all by herself! even if we all left her. go girl!
viv, what can i say other than, put your page up. its about time you have started to load it up. have fun debugging it!
as for page makers, do a design that u like, dont worry about what other people might say or think and with that note. cant wait to see mebs new one!
should i go online tonight....20fri02sep-10:25pm.....feel so sleepy. i think i should. night!

ps. i think i write too much to have a small column blog.....

this TNT got caught from my mums work, and i feel really bad. its sad. things people do to get live a good life and now its taken away. and sometimes i forget how lucky just me living here, i have so many opportunities. make the most of it.
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Friday, September 20, 2002
hey.waiting for viv and me ......hope i dont miss the bus and get home at 9 again. going now!!!!
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Thursday, September 19, 2002
talked to viv tonight......shes fine....coz she left us coz me, jos and meb played childishly in the burger king playground (but it was fun!!! not sure why she reacted that way)after lunch where we talked a lot about the childhood and fishING and M.U.s and so we we went to regatta center just 3 of us.
talked a lot about the past like highschool and first impressions and embarasing and bitch moments. and i learned stuff about my misconception of people and myself, my thoughts compared to actions and how i see myself and how others do. im glad they told me and i so respect what they say and i can see what they are saying, i am contradicting myslef so much. and the things i do and say can be so opposite and thats something that i ponder and learn about. its good to hear thnigs about urself. good or bad. they know me coz they see me everyday and what i actually do rather than what i tell more self dicovery for me.....yey!
and also saw sumrah today.....cant believe my high school friend is now a mother and a wife, its so weird to think that then. but now i see her and thats what she is and now shes juggling all that and university! so proud of her!!!! go girl!!!!!!
and bec, i hope it turns out well for her and hope shes fine!!!! plus teri came and said hello and yeah shes also a godmother!!!! congrats!!! and ness has a boyfriend!!! shes got a special friend!!!!
jos and meb are having probs with their site. meb found that people she knows reads her blod and shes not comfortable with that. especially that she knows them and but its different with us....coz were closer friends.....and jos has an admirer/stalker and finds creppy proposals in her tag i think they will find a password protection page is yeah
i hope amali brings her stuff tomorrow...i mean hardcopy and softcopy....please remember!!!! and viv said 2 quotes that were about friends and the other about identity.....yeah the regatta center was nice!!!! of course i judged it b4 we got there but it turned out to be an awesome afternnon, d and m conversation.
so yeah.....(say that a lot and also)... bu bye...!!!
about info sec mids..urghhhhh....
too sleepy to get this to make sense....ummm...whatever
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Monday, September 16, 2002
had a chat with meb yesterday on how we all meet each other for the first time and blog and stuff....we talked for ages...didnt realise...just like me and viv use to talk.
studied with shamayla and hosai for info sec. jos was there and kept me company while waiting for hos. coz ai was cancelled.
im gonna study it tonight...hope i do well, its open book thats why im not that worried..yeah im gonna study! please help me do well!!!!!

naiinis ako noong nag aaral kami, gusto ng umuwi, nakaka walang ganas noong kinawa nya yun. ganon sila....walang ba akong magagama?...o meron...kung alam nya lang ang ginagawa niya....baka gusto niyang tikman ng ginagawa nya saamin o ako....maiinis siya rin? ma aral niya kaya? .......(havent written in filo for a while and sometimes i rarely talk it either...this is ok..i wish i was more fluent....jos good idea! and thanks for getting the blogger error fixed!)
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Sunday, September 15, 2002
one of my favourate song!!!


Glenn Medeiros

If I had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever.. oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong
Our dreams are young and we both know
They'll take us where we want to go
Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

Nothings gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more then your love
Nothings gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
The world may change my whole life thru but
Nothings gonna change my love for you

If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you
If you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are
So come with me and share the view
I'll help you see forever too
Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

Nothings gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love
Nothings gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
he world may change my whole life thru but
Nothings gonna change my love for you

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pretty good quote....
About Journaling
The lifetime diaries of the French writer H.F. Amiel, for example, trace a path from guilt and self-condemnation to a growing maturity and happiness. In his later years Amiel attested to the journal's cathartic and curative powers: "The chief utility of the journal intime is to restore the integrity of the mind and the equilibrium of the conscience, that is, inner health."
—Tristine Rainer, The New Diary

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>>should have posted this last night.....
hey! i completely stuffed the last post. there were so many mistakes as in it is not understandable. so here it goes again.
just finished this new layout. its gray and very few colours are used and also i didnt put in any iframes. its pretty good i think. but i need to change some touch ups. anyways i'll leave it here for now.
yes. yesterday i was ssuppose to meet hosai for info sec after going with meb and viv to get meb her doctors certificate. meb dropped me at uni just before 7pm and when i got to where i was suppose to meet hosai she was gone. like she went home. i waited just to make sure she just went to the toilets and shes not there. i looked at the other labs and shes not there, sherwin with all these people trying to jump over a table said that she must have gone home. i decided there is really no point waiting for someone who didnt bother telling that shes gone home and leave me waiting.
is it a revenge that i called her at the last minute one time when we were suppose to meet? at least i called and at the end we meet up anyway. i have no car. at least she did.
i caught the bus, train and another bus and after waiting for nealry an hour put together with nothing to do but stare into space. by the way the train and the busses were late. and it was cold. i ended up getting home after 9pm. urghhhhh
i told her that before i go i can quickly teach it to her and she said....when u come back and i'll be waiting here...yeah right.....inconsiderate? vengeful? maybe hosai was in a rush or something important came up. im over it now i just wanna say how much i dont like waiting for nothing and getting home using public transport at night.
since i started naming names i want to get out of my system how some people, actually vivienne, rub things on my face......she was full on trying to piss me off. "she(jos) understand me so much" and also "i'll show you my personal site but i wont tell you where my other site (s'n'd) is"........ fine dont tell me .... urghhhh.... why do that? childish? maybe she didnt know what shes doing? ok over it........i just dont like people playing me for a fool......
anyways we meet up (jos, viv, meb and i - amli did it by herself) and got DSS done and on time! so happy....well not really coz we are not sure if our answers were right...hope so....(they were all trying to tease me / big funny/annoying) felt kind smart but there kinda going overboard and i cant really say i knew the aswer so their guess is as good as mine.
i learnt something about me yesterday... do i really only look at the bad things in people? i dont think so. maytbe they dont see that im genuine when i say good things about people and compliment them like "thats/ur so good". i mean what i say. but i see how they see that im plastic, fake and a suck up. im not sure. maybe i throw those words everwhere and i can lose its value. how about me being vain/ego? ummm i mean i think i have a healthy confidence, i dont think im so smart, good looking or generous....but i think im ok. i see myself as a good person. i mean i try to be a good person and play me and be honest. maybe jos saw that when she said im refreshingly honest.
im glad i know that my friends think of me as.....i mean i have qualities such as:
-vain (if im vain i would diplay yeah that too)
-suck up (eg. "your so good")
-refreshingly honest (maybe too honest? no border lines)
-(cant keep my mouth shut - talk a lot about everything as well as the things i shouldnt have)
-(**********) the thing you say about me that u dont want to tell me... that i cant change about me. i think i know.
- fake/plastic (eg. pretend to be friends with everyone)
-more? dont know...
-yes...cold and can be heartless as in not inlove or something.....
-yes loud and rude too
good (some kinda bad) to know i display these least these friends are honest with me and i value that. im not pissed but im actually glad they told me - open forum is so good. i learn things everyday. and this can only make me a better person. i hope. now i know i can do something about it (for every action there is a reaction) at leat im not clueless about them!
i didnt do much today as in uni work. do it tomorrow study for info sec and start a plan for some assignments. writing this offline. i'll go online later on tonight coz my sis need to call home to get picked up and so i cant connect. shes gone to a friends birthday. my bro is studying for exam week next week which is part of s.c. yes he is studying math. mum and dad are watching the tele in their room. and me well waiting for amazing race. i hope its on. not sure.
yeah....i wanna say how much i love a new show. 24 (twenty four) it is so good! (action/ twist/ suspense/ drama/ and so much more) i taped it and just watched it this afternnon with my dad and im!!!
and also im really liking that song by a*teens - falling in love with you ( it a remake of an old song) the video clip is so fresh and young and fun! (thats what they are trying to sell! i wanna buy!!! lol) and also shakira is so hot in her new video - objection(tango) shes full on shaking her ass everywhere!. what a coincedence her song came up on random on my playlist just now! also vanessa carltons clip features clouds and the sky and its pretty good! and her piano skills ...also and cant believe how good selwyns clip is too! so pro as in u.s.a. kinda....wish i can sing well and play a musical instrument..maybe i can write like michelle branch and avril lavigne or most alternative bands like blink 182, no doubt and pod.....that i'll do....what emorock? that new???
i think im gonna make the stuff part of blogger fade using table opacity i learned from jos. so much stuff to change, little things, but cant right now.
ummm yeah the doggies (barkley and qt) are fine, the garden is green and flowering - spring, house is clean, earlier coz my mum got sick on thu. and got better on fri and decided to clean. my dad is feeling better. my bro won his basketball game last friday. dad coached my bro's team today. and tomorrow my sis is going to to the tailor to get her dress made designed by her help by me, actually i just said thats good.. yeah shes also entering the filo pageant for fun with a friend coz my cousin asked if she or someone she knows wanted to join coz they need more contestant and they said yes. of course my parents are trying to make her not to do it coz it will interfere with her h.s.c. but she wants to try it.
and also my bro and sis are hiding a fact to my parents that they are entering a dance comp with the dance group "fusion" next weekend. their dance is pretty awesome! but i dont like the fact that they are lying and its with those people, still not too fond of them.
so much...i have written...i wanna party tonight...go clubbing or something...oh damn....this is the weekend on ness's party/club/city. i would go if im not broke all the time...urghh....theres plenty of time for partying later. plus im kinda tired, i need more sleep!
(trying to figure out DSS questions) thu night. jos, meb and i did our first online goup chat...well was relaying messages...but still...
we went to penrith office works....last time i was there was 2 years i go i think photocopying SP1 exam fast.......
gonna check of amazing race is is keeping me company all these time while writing this, im pretty relaxed right now! yey!!!
not let me talk about my new layout/design. this design is inspired by jos's design. since she did her favourate perfume ad i did mine too. i wasnt gonna use this but i thought its pretty good, why not. and is something i wanted to try (no frames...eveything in the page and also very little colour - just grey so here it is) i started make a new one but its kinda hard and no time and this is half done so i stuck with it.
if u dont know the picture above of the sexy couple is calvin klien - escape. i used to have this ad on my folder during high school and now its here!
my bro is gonna sleep so im just gonna go to the lounge and watch something...i'll blog again when i have time or have something to say....this is it for now........later!
back.......bro cant sleep and amazing race isnt on yet and sis isnt home yet.. i see an at leats once a week in the bus. we talk for arounf 15-20 mins on how thnigs are and shes good. work 5 days and doing 1last subject her subject partner is jos's cousin, coincedence! i asked her how the clubbing was last week and she said after they meet after dinner around 10:30pm (she said starbucks' service in the city kinda sucked) they talked and drank then watched a few vcd/dvd and decided to go home around 12-1am. she didnt stick around for clubbing coz shes kinda tired and they were gonna go at 1am.
yeah and paulo called me friday afternoon or early night. but i wasnt home yet. i called him back 9:45pm or something and spoke for around 11 mins. coz he has work the next day (sat) and yeah i think he wanted to go out and celebrate. from the news i got he has reasons to. he is getting a new/better job at optus, the one he applied internally, and he is taking one week holidays to phils with his family and their house is getting build in time for christmas. he hasnt really spoken to anyone in the group, shannon is still looking for a job.....whos gonna graduate this october. john is permanent at this job he likes and took 6months leave off uni...everyone is so busy he eddie ...
yeah roya.....shes like gonna be the head IT in her work and will be getting her own office, she also said shes so busy 9am-6pm....with she said they ask her for everythnig and meb too...didnt kno she wakes up before 5am to go to work every weeday then go to uni around 11am...
jos works fri and mon.....4pm-7pm...thats ok
and hosai write notes for people.....on classes...i did that for eddie first year uni and its ok....but i knew him....amali works nearly all day every weekend.....thats ok too....
its 3/4 i know from school/uni works.....ohh....i want one but im full load at uni...hard to find job that flexible......anyways.....just enjoy....but im almost broke all the time....who cares...make do and see what comes up...
im not looking forward to working......
saw sumrah the other she was not pregnant anymore!!!...i cant believe it shes now a mother! congrats!!!!! her daughters name is "maaham" i think thats how it is means sweet.
also teri is trying to reconcile with carol.....i think and yeah hope bec is alright. and havent seen cat or heard from her at all.....
think amazing race is on....gonna go....later!
amazing race is so good!!!!!!!! the final 3 and team smiley is there! team oh lala was eliminated, the best friend boys made it as well as the separated couple. did you know that in temptation island.....half of the 4 couples split about temptation....last show was last week...and there are 2 more episodes of amazing race cant wait!!!
also watched david letterman show and they were saying somethnig about the philippines watching the show.....they kept mentioning it....
my sis isnt home yet, i thinks shes getting a lift from someone....and so still cant post this coz cant connect ti'll she gets sleepy....night!

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Saturday, September 14, 2002
finally put all the links together....not using frames and a lot of colour for this layout. i like it!
yeha yesterday someone didnt bother telling that they were gonna go home....i friend of mine nicely dropped me at off at uni just before 7pm and found that this person who said will be waiting for me has gone home....urghh.....i ended up going home just pass 9am. why do people do that. at least tell me. i called when i did it.
i had a nice long sleep....i need more!
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Thursday, September 12, 2002
whats with broad questions.. how can i aswer that...i'll try and make stuff up...and make sure it applies too...urghhhhh
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Wednesday, September 11, 2002
*hi -- from me to you!
*some -- thoughts from yesterday:
*hope -- that my dad is fine and well, he is not feeling well lately and its so weird coz i usually see my dad as healthy and happy all the time. please God.
*lucky -- me, my dad/mum calls everyone mornign to check for us, dad gives us lifts everywhere we go, mum makes all the 3 meals for us. so nice of them
*yubbo -- this guy was brought his smoke inside the bus
*singer -- this indian looking guy was singing loudly in the train....
*clean -- i miss the bus coz i was cleaning up the house and my bro and sis didnt help
*vain -- i miss the second bus coz i changed my jumper
*sick -- i hate my allergies to the max
*friends -- kinda pissed at them right now
*open -- my and amlee did an open forum and it was good, better than some other people
*childish / O.A. or O.D. -- jos and I realised this.....from monday
*obvious -- no comment, you know who u are, likew i dont know what ur trying to do
*signature / writing -- jos analysed our signature, how true....shes good at it. i was just surprised how much truth there is in it.
*start -- my DSS assignment
*sleep -- i need sleep
*energy -- too much on OF. im over it.
*091101 --the day the world stopped. but we have to move forward now

*90% -- get done today for DSS assignment....
*less -- allergy
*later -- me have to go now!
*good -- day for all of us!
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Sunday, September 08, 2002
i am so tired. the family did the garden and lawn today and im just so exhausted and my nose is so blocked too, at least my cough is getting better. i hate it still. i had a hot shower after dinner and i feel a bit better, at least i am clean.

i thought i would feel better after i:
- had tea = not working
- had medicine = not working that well
- had chocolate and coke = not my blocked nose but less dragged down

this filo show M.T.B. (magandang tanghali bayan - good afternoon country) is so funny.....kinda slack but its all for fun and everyone gets something good at the end.

i was chatting with bec a few nights ago and found things that i could not believe, she will get through this! but yeah ive had such a compliment from bec and teri. thanks and likewise....u guys rock!!!
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went to church today with my family and i asked a question and it was answered. well not directly but i felt that i did get an answer. thanks God. through that i knew what to write in the friendship book....

at the church there was this guy that i went to high school with, i never spoke to him but we came to the same uni, in the same school at IT. well we use to speak for a semester and now i dont see him anymore. anyways i saw him at church, he sat infront of us and i was like. wow he is alone, no family, no bro/sis, noone. he goes to church alone? i dont think i have ever done that in my adult life, go to church alone. i either go with my cousin, bro or sister or parents. not alone.

i remember i use to go to church in phils after school or before. sometimes pray or just sit there. its a beautiful church. but i have not done that here, even though the church is only 5 minutes walk. this guy actually go alone, and he drives i think coz i use to catch the same bus as him and he cant walk all the way there. im just wow. i admire that ge does that. and my next door neighbour, they are half filo and the 2 kids (approx 18 - shane and 23 - ti) both go separate sometimes with their mum. they walk to church. i have never done that, alone.

yeah and that guy, i think his name is chris, not sure, (checked the year book and its viet) out of all the people in my uni that i see that i was not friend to at high school he is the only person that i have spoken to. i weird. the others i just see them and nothing.

this free net 1am-7am is pretty good. yeah whats with the comments??? maybe its messed up. anyways no worries...

temptation island (couples future was surprising) and the amazing race (team smiley wasnt eliminated) was sooo good.

::::::::songs that are stuck in my head:::::::
joe: i like sexy girls
mario: just a friend
khia: my neck, my back
sugababes: round round
no doubt: underneath it all
beanie man featr janet: feel it boy suppose to be clubbing right now.....with an and everyone sharon invited...sharons b-day!.....i wanted to go. cant. broke and have bad allergy/cough
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Friday, September 06, 2002
i was late for a lecture. psyc has lots of notetaking unlike all my other computer subjects. things were kinda tensed, u can notice it. some people say they are over it and alright and its ok. but you know that they are not. some are quiter than normal and some are reluctant to do things. but thats them, they have their own way of handling things.

after classes with jos and viv who both left early we meet up with hos and meb. so glad dss wasnt due today!!!

so happy didnt have to clean up coz my mum took a sickie yesterday and decided to clean as well, good for cleaning :) just me and mum home, everyone else went to basketball.
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Thursday, September 05, 2002
lets dance! the dance KISS was so cool, it was like a club! the music rowked....more like grooved. yeah there was heaps of people and me, jos and meb had so much fun! plus the free food. yummy especially that its free!

yesterday was one of those days where uni was basically just free food! party all day and all night!!! we have experieced it! so much fun! it was like we were meant to stay here for another extra year to get all the EXTRA bits that not many people usually dont get. we stuck around and it is all worth it.

missed sfasmodel and got in trouble though...not as bad...its abourt just them waitng up for me, since i said i was doing uni work, bad me. i was gonna tell them when i get home but they were asleep and the next morning i was getting told off.

as for today. we saw roya....she is now gonna be head I.T. and will get her own wow!!!!!

had lunch with jos and hos at chicken man
roya had a tutorial and saw her cole and julian....also saw mebs richie yesterday.
amali was at a different campus
meb and viv went together to lunch

..ummm obv maybe. just waiting for hos and hopefully get online at home tonight....and finish some downloads....yeah so tired and my muscles kinda hurt. need more sleep

whats with annoying people....stop it already with all the small talks.....but isnt that how u meet new people...depends on their intention ........will we know b4 its too late... so many questions...yeah ..ummm i dont know.

whats with people telling how i fell or what i think...i think i know me .........
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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

free fall and it feels so good.
since im gonna be talking about one fun event. i will give it a title.
it never seems to amaze me how things happen and its like so much fun. the day started normal and stuff and it turned out to be one of the most fun days ever at uni. there was like a funday. there was jumple castle and free bbq, snowcones and fairy floss. it was was jamv plys jo's cousin. i was kinda reluctant in going to the jumping castle but it was so worth it. i hate how i pressume things, maybe im too careful, which i dont think i am, but yeah. the main im having a great day. felt like a little kid! the most physical day since regatta. that jumping castle was big enough for me, jumping around not caring where i land.

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yesterday was was bad that we were doing the practical late....but we got it so happy i have a partner and not alone like last sem with CA........OS right now is ok since i have hosai with me....still have a little thing to do today but its basically finished...

Came to uni early today and meet An to get Meb's book. After updating me emails I have time to surf a bit later. Im invited to 2 parties, this weekend and next weeked, its not like i dont want to go, i really want to go and see them and party/clubbing. Im kinda broke from fathers day and books i need to buy and i feel like i just wanna chill. I feel like i am always busy and have a lot on my mind, so today after breaking my earphones again for the mini-radio i walked to uni no music, a few people walking. I was basically walking by myself and just blanked out. It was nice, no worries, no information bambarding me. I felt refreshed after the walk.

So many repucccusions from the open forum, make sure people understand the rules and the outcome whatever it may be coz people will take it differently and just know that u are opening something deep.

Seach for a supermodel is on tonight, cool. cant wait!!! (Smallville)Lana Lang or (Dark Angel)Max? Lana Lang!!!

CSI is awesome!!! but Ally Macbeal's last season, i use to watch that show a lot!

Ive been coughing, my ears tearing and bloked/runny nose...please go away.

Today, on top of the sandwhich my mum made for me was cough sweet and my parents both but mostly my dad calls home when they get to work in the mornings and ask if were ok, late, getting ready, etc....what will be home and stuff...we are still protective and babied...sweet of them. And my bro and sis i talk to a lot, i wouldnt want to be an only child. since my bro and sis are only a few years a part. its great that we can relate and stuff. home sweet home!

yeah im ok! hope u are all too!
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Monday, September 02, 2002
whats with all my dots....whats if shes trying to contact me coz she cant come....i have no mobile...i could be waiting here for nothing........
let me get back to surfing.....

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waiting here at uni waiting for mylab partner hosai, its 2 already and we havent started and i am starting to feel really tired. my yes are starting to hurt. listning to my mini-radio and the music is kinda crap, you ask why not change the station, well since im in a computer lab the reception isnt that good. why not cd player, dont have one and too expensive (to get one make cd and battery) yes im so glad i rechared the batteries last night. not in any mood now...its like i feel like staying home....just like my bro and sis....urgh......they get away for not comng to parnts have gone they said was that they are just revising for high school certificate (year 12) and school certificate (year10)...........

jos and i had a talk.....yeah...about the forum...its really weird..... the way we are questionning a friendship....its not good.....

i am feeling so tired....i rather work on this tomorrow...where is she...i caled her mobile and she said she'll be in 45 minutes and.....shes taking ages........i mean last week she got a taste of her medicine but shes still not here.....

ive been looking at pages......some blogs are closing down and it makes me kinda sad and i kinda undersatnd now why they have it or wht they are leaving...but yeah its really up to u and there are always a amillion reasins so im not gonna presumme somethnig..

i wanna sleep or eat a buffet.....all these people...all these computers...makes me feel so tired...ok gonna do somethnig now....

but what if i was working already......lets not...for now..
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Sunday, September 01, 2002
the father's day bbq was delish. (my parents both bbq all the time sometimes meals and mum cook home cook meals neally every night with variety....both so it...) but before the barbeque me, sis and bro went to the shops to buy my dad gifts. we were walking around wondering what to give and i think they know that why we went to the we were there looking around and playing with the price checkers and stuff.....and then walked all around and around....pretty fun....

we just gave the presents just now and dad was pretty happy....we were all laughing at my parents bedroom on the bed....coz they were about to go to sleep......laughing at our messages to him in the card too. lol....kodak moment but the digital camera batteries were getting time.....the sun came out and lunch was great until we kids had to clean the car for dad.

temptation island and amazing race is soo good! thanks for it getting taped. yeah did a tiny bit of work and i have stuff due monday, tuesday and friday. oh i gotta start learning cool...need to go really early to school this week and get some stuff done......anyways later!

ps. about the group thing.....i think its gonna be fine....
pss. yeah also made some pics.....

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hey! happy fathers day weekend! happy father's day. did our tradition with us making breakfast so its cool. had to wake up early.....

yeah and were gonna barbeque today. its a cloudy day yhough but its cool.......and need to buy a present later....anyways came to post this quickly about whats happening and my thoughts. the rest of the day i'll try and get somework done for uni and chill.

happy father's day dad!!!! and to all fathers!!!

last night i was so frightened what will be of our friendship. i wondered about the whole idea and the fact that we did that to each other.

i had time to think.

it is open forum, where you say what you think about that person, that friend. the things you usually dont say infront of their face. but u think about it and say maybe sometimes say it behind their back.

noone and nothing is perfect.

the open forum was not suppose to be destructive it is suppose to be constructive.

i was not there to change someone coz everyone is their own person. i was not there to judge, coz i had no right to do that. i was not there to criticise and make someone feel bad about themselves coz i know i have my own faults.

at the open forum, i wasnt enforcing that i was right. i wasnt saying that, hey your wrong. its not that at all. i said what was on my mind at that time/moment and maybe my mind will change later. maybe you could tell me your view on that situation after listening to what i say.

yes it was raw, yes it was real and yes it can be hurtful. yes it was me pointing out from what i see that persons faults or something that kinda annoys me about them. yes i will get my fair share and yes it can either be something that can break us or make us into better friends.

i admit i felt bad. but im glad i know it, it does not mean i will change myself. it does not i mean i will continue being that person. i heard what they said and i will take it day by day. its an adjustment knowing somethnig about yourself that is not good.

some, they might not know that they do that, maybe they do. maybe they need help, maybe they dont. maybe its their personality and maybe thats the actual reason why we are friends with them and not know it and maybe it hurts us. maybe your glad it was said and heard. maybe its something you will regret.

the reason why i agreed was that i believed that our friendship was strong enough to get rid of the lies under the table, behind each other, like a bubble floating close waiting to be burst by a pin.
maybe we pushed too much in trying to pull each other closer.

look at the big picture.

i knew that someone can get hurt from this, espeically that ur friends has said this. some will listen, some will use it for their own purpose... good or bad, some will forget it and someone will hold that to their heart and let that get to them.

i am cool with that, i realize that we were opening pandora's box together and i felt that we were going to conquer this together.

this friendship is something that i take seriously and im so glad i am part of. each person brings something. good. or why would we stay in a bad frienship.

at the process of doing this, it wasnt my intention to be bad and hurtful, judgemental or change someone. i am as human as you.

i accept my friends so much, before this happned and after it occured.

we should balance it out. the things that annoys you and the things you like about them. its not sucking up its telling them how you make their day better. its not fishing for compliments its telling them that you are soo good.....

maybe it wasnt the best idea but im glad it happened. these things happened for the best and thats how God planned it. it was meant to be.

honesty is such a lonely world. i hope not. the truth is painful but also the truth is love and care.

we will all take something from this, we can grow from this or we can break from this.

the only thing that was not right, was the fact that we did not think about what will happen afterwards. i have other friends and i try to be as honest as i can. i say it, small things maybe big. but know that im your friend. good times bad time in between.

that is all i can think of right now. but im ok. i am not perfect and the things my friends say matters deeply, and i know mine does to them. good or bad. what will happen now? i dont know. que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. the futures not for us to see. que sera, sera. what will be, will be. i like that song.

it was done, the intention is good, am sorry people got hurt and some people didnt listen. all it was was letting that person know. the good and the bad. at the end you still accept them and not think of them any less. its up to u how u use it and see it. it is up to each of us what will happen now.

i hope it turns out ok. more to say but i'll leave it here for now.
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