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Monday, October 28th, 10:12pm well the last little while has been pretty boring... on thursday we went to the vancouver symphony for a field trip and the performance sucked. it was just some german with some crazy poetry. the guy was a fucking lunatic! we went to white spot for lunch but our waitress was really rude to us and didn't want to give me a pirate pack. we tipped her with a button. the ferry ride back was tons of fun. they gave us the lyrics for the guys songs so we read them out on the ferry. people clapped for us. hayley took some really cool pictures. on the weekend i went sailing and that was pretty fun. i got to turtel. it was tons of fun but the water was really cold. and now i'm here. halloween is on thursday and i'm going to be batman;)

//paradise city - guns n roses//

Monday, October 21st, 10:07pm today in capp class mr mack made us walk up to the college and he was running up the stairs, i guess expecting us to go just as fast as he was because some stupid person said that we don't get enough excercise. i think if people want excersice they can do it outside of school. or take pe. that's what pe is for. so anyways near the very top it was starting to get extremely boring so me and anuschka just decided to stop so we rested for a while and then we walked back down all those stairs and back to skool and wandered around until they came back. i can't wait till the weekend. yay sailing! i can't believe it's only monday today.

//music// karate chops for everyone but us - piebald

Friday, October 18th, 10:20pm finally, a weekend without something to do. i love having nothing to do.... i'll finally be able to get some sleep. .. for the last couple days almost every time i've eaten something the balls off my tongue ring keep coming off and i didn't know why and today i was eating some candy and i could feel that it came off again so i spit it out so i could put it back on and it was split in half.. maybe my mom will take me out this weekend and i can get some new shoes because mine are being held together with duct tape.

//music// that thing you do - new found glory

Thursday, October 10th, 10:39pm hehe... today when i was walking to school there were two dogs running around in the middle of traffic chasing eachother. it was pretty funny. yes, i am amused quite easily. it's not my fault nothing interesting happens! today was parent teacher interviews and my mom went. she went and saw mr mack and when she said that she was my mom he apparently had a weird look on his face. he thinks my opinions are too negative or some bullshit like that. they are my opinions so they are allowed to be negative, that's all they are is opinions, nothing is right or wrong so i don't see what his problem is. well tomorrow is friday and then the next day is camping and sailing! and then thanksgiving. who really cares about that anyways. its like oooh let's all get together and stuff our faces like the fat pigs we are... what's the joy in that?

//music// bad day - GOB

Wednesday, October 9th, 10:24pm Nothing interesting has happened yet. still waiting for that funny looking principal to slip on a banana peel. maybe i'll bring a banana with me tomorrow for lunch. we got interims today so we get out early tomorrow. i spilled boiling water on my leg. we thought of some fun things to do but i can't really say what they are incase somebody catches onto our plans. they are really funny though. i can't wait till Italy ..... only like 159 days left... i need a job....

//music// that's youth - antiflag

Monday, October 7th, 10:45pm skool was boring, as usual. cadets was boring, as usual. i have lots of homework that i haven't done, as usual. well i'd have to say today was a pretty usual day. that's no fun. something fun should happen. hehe the principal should trip on a banana peel because he looks like a turtle. turtles should do things like that. i hope we get our pictures tomorrow. i want to see how bad mine turned out. i have just noticed how i drink an abnormally large amount of tea. it used to be water, but ever since my little sister stole my water bottle...

//music// the choke - saves the day

Friday, October 4th, 11:09 today has been great. skool was pretty boring but i made it exciting by wearing a fedora. you are jealous. just look at the pictures!!after skool aurora came over and then we went to a movie with hayley. we saw red dragon. it was at galaxy but i hate that theatre. the guy made us sit there for so long because we didn't have i.d. what kind of theatres actually check people for i.d!? and then the people that smelled like sausage were getting mad at us for talking. people suck. it was fun though. and then after the movie was over hayley ran into some guy when she was walking up the stairs. haha. we sat outside and then some guy that worked there told us to move because..... brace yourself for this one folks.... it was an ...... emergency exit. i was really thirsty so we went and found a coke machine and it only sold bottles but i only wanted a can but i was really thirsty so i just bought a bottle and then i went to get it out of the machine and it was all sticky! it was so gross. and then i picked it up and i was like ummm there's something wrong with the bottle. it was shaped like a bullet, not a normal coke bottle. so then we went back and sat infront of the emergency exit and i drank my bullet coke. then we made fun of everybody that walked past us. haha. and then i came home and had a shower and now i smell like purple.

//music// chump - greenday

Thursday, October 3rd, 10:14pm i just procrastinating doing my capp project that is due tomorrow because the whole thing is just going to be bullshit. that's all that capp is anyways. today when i was walking home from school there was a truck by the stream where the beaver lives and a bunch of pot smoking old men city workers dressed in gum boots up to their thighs standing in water digging in things. it was weird. they are always in that bush, sure a "beaver" lives in there. school sucks. i think the teachers think we're stupid. i can't wait till the weekend. i'm so tired i need some sleep. i have to finish my capp thing. where i am and where i'm going. i hate these things. we have to do this thing about what kind of things we like now and what we want to be like 10 years from now. i wonder if i would get marks taken off if i said i want to be a fat alcoholic with one leg and an eye patch living in a cardboard box with a pink plastic lawn flamingo and a garden of gnomes.

//music// date rape - sublime

Wednesday, October 2nd, 9:16pm oh i have a funny story! well yesterday i was waiting at the bus stop. just sitting there. then these two guys are crossing the road and one of them comes over to the bus stop and i just assumes they are going to catch the bus but then this guy starts talking to me and he's really creepy looking wearing like exco brand clothes and stuff and he's like hi what's your name and i was like ummm why do you want to know what my name is...? and he's like i was just drawn over here by you and i wanted to know what your name is but now i guess i just look really stupid so i'll leave now. pretty funny if you ask me. today sucked like usual. haha my band teacher was trying to yell at me and melissa for being evil to the sub yesterday but i can talk my way out of anything. hehe.... it's getting cold out and i don't like the rain. but i have an umbrella. my grandma gave it to me. i think some googly eyes would suit it quite nice.

//music// smoke like a girl - swingin' utters


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