How Do You Like Them Apples??


Friday, July 4th, 9:30pm canada day was so much fun! except for the rain of course. i went down there around 12 and wandered around for a while and watched rock star jack play. everybody made fun of him, i kind of felt sorry for him. then we wandered around a bit more. there wasn't much to do except watch bands play and stuff. we waited for the kiltlifters to play, but we had to hang around for a couple hours, which was really boring. oh, here's a funny story.... hehe i had to go to the washroom but the female one was closed for cleaning so kim was just like go in the male ones so i was like okay and started to walk in and then some crazy lady started screaming at me and telling me that i can't go in there because there are urinals and blah blah blah... yeah, like i've never seen a penis before. if you're a guy you take a chance every time you use a urinal, it's not my fault. crazy lady. so then we just wandered. there were so many little kids there, but all the stuff was for little kids to do so.... the kiltlifters played and they were awesome as usual. it's so nice that nanaimo actually has a ska band to call it's own. ska rocks. and then yesterday kim made me ride bikes to woodgrove mall and that took like an hour. it was crazy. then her debit card had "insuficient funds" so i had to pay for everything but she payed me back today. i bought a really really cool black and white polka dotted strapless top. it's awesome. and i got a checkered scarf like bandana thing but i don't know what i'll do with it. i only bought it because it was checkered. and then we rode our bikes home, which was like another hour. and today i just sort of sat around and did nothing. and i packed my stuff. but i'm still not done packing. blah. i leave tomorrow at 2 but my parents aren't home and i need my mom to take me out because i need to get some conditioner and stuff before i leave but i don't know what time she is coming home... and then i won't be here for 6 weeks. yeahhhhahhaha. i'm so excited, i hope it's fun but i hope my friends write me letters. that will suck if they don't. friends suck.

Monday, June 23rd, 5:28pm bored. i can't wait till i leave. only 12 more days! there's not much to do here and i'm in the process on cleaning my room. enough said. wow, i look super scary today, it's great.

Monday, June 16th, 11:37am wow i haven't updated in a while. i guess i'm just too lazy. i finally got some of the other idaho pics from hayley so i can scan those and put them up if i feel like it. yay! skool is finally out! i'm so excited. skool sucks so much but i hope we get to go to new orleans next year and i'm so excited for a jazz combo! i only have one exam today and then 2 tomorrow, but hey no more french or socials EVER! only like 3 weeks till camp, but that actually seems like a long time. i'm just really excited for long beach. does anybody know what it means when you have purple-ish spots in the back of your throat? i looked it up on the internet and it said that purple-ish spots in the back of your throat is a symptom of streptococci someorother aka strep throat, but my throat isn't even sore. creepy. we had to do some sort of poetry project for english and my poetry is awesome so as soon as i get it back i am totally scanning the one of carmella.

Sunday, June 8th, 7:42pm wow, i can't stand my dad. if he does one more thing, i'm outta here. why cant i be like everybody else and have divorced parents.

Monday, May 12th, 11:37pm hmmm haven't been here in a while. I've got lots of other things to do even though i think the plan was to update more and stuff like that. i'm just way too lazy. i don't get enough sleep as it is... blah. hmmm i think i've decided to get my eyebrow pierced before i go to camp, well like a week or two before and then i can get an eyebrow retainer for it or something like that. or i could get my septum pierced. i haven't had something pierced in a year, i'm going through withdrawals. i think i'm going to drop french tomorrow, it sucks.

Tuesday, April 22nd, 10:45pm i'm going to go crazy if i have to spend much longer in this house. nobody gets it. the only other person that know what it's like is kim, obviously because she lives here too. i need a job so i can move out. on a happy note, i am wearing a beautifully colored poncho. i think i will wash it and start wearing it everywhere. wow don't you love laundry day when you just do laundry alll day long because you haven't done it in like a month and you have absolutely nothing to wear because it's all dirty.

Monday, April 21st, 10:49pm wow i must have had the shittiest weekend ever. i had to go on a yag and practically babysit 10 rotten little children. they were so horrible and i wanted to throw them all overboard. i hate everybody and i want them all to just fuck off and die.

Thursday, April 17th, 10:40pm wow, well i haven't updated in a while. i've just been really busy with cadets and school and all the other boring useless things that i do. yep. nothing very exciting at all. i got a really funny t shirt a couple days ago. it's really great. haha. maybe sometime soon i scan my pictures from italy and idaho and put them up. to tell you the truth i'm just too damn lazy and i don't think anybody even reads this piece of shit so why even bother?

Wednesday, March 26th, 9:37pm well i'm back from italy! it was so so so much fun! i can't wait till i can save up enough money to go back, but i'm so poor right now. as soon as i get the pictures developed (which will take a long time because tomorrow i have cadets, cadets all weekend, cadets on monday, babysit wed., cadets thurs. etc..) i will put them up. i hope they all work, but being the smart, smart person that i am instead of using all the film that i got *brand new film* i found this one in my bag and i couldn't tell if it was used or not because it still had a bit of an end but not a very long one, so i used it anyways and i think it's the one i had from idaho so that means i won't have very many pictures from idaho or venice. i'm such a retard. oh well. i can always bother everybody else for their pictures, but who else took pictures of me in a gondola?

Saturday, March 8th, 9:04pm yay!! snow!! i'm so surprised that it's been snowing lately, how often does it snow in march? oh well, now i can make a snow man and go sledding in my inflatable boat! only 4 days till italy!! i'm soooo excited!! i have cadets all day boring. but yay italy! it's going to be so awesome, but we're forbidden from smiling an italian boys.. i think that's really funny.. haha...

//gettin in the mood - brian setzer orchestra//


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