My summer @ Acadia!
IdIoTs HaVe MoRe FuN! *these pictures might take a while to load but if some of them don't work just hit the refresh button on your browser*

Me! Gotta love those uniforms!

They tied me to the bed with all Holly's bandanas

...and there it is again

We made a steam room! showers were always fun. On the last day we used like 10 bottles of shampoo.

I guess this one didn't work that well. Maybe I should have turned the flash off.

Me, Holly, and Natasha, chillin on our beds

Me standing infront of my bed

Me standing infront of my locker

I was pissed in this picture because that's right after they dyed my hair the first time, bastards.


Me! hanging off my bed backwards

Natasha and Holly

I just find urinals funny. This was the only one that flushed so I kept flushing it but then some dumb girls gave me dirty looks so i ran away laughing... hehe..

I want to know who took this! It's a pretty funny picture. Look at me, look at Natasha!

The octagon

Holly and her many bandanas

The giant Bos'n flag!!

...and there it is again

Blake! he reminds me of my cousin

i was signing holly's map in the middle of the airport and people kept looking at us funny..

natasha bought a cake and we ate it with our hands

matt and natasha


there's holly crying when we gave her bandanas

hooray for packing.


we were washing our hair in the sink and then they called head count so then we just had fun with it..

me, holly, natasha, cowboy and matt

me and scott

Sea Phase


Me and Cowboy


Digby, how exciting

Me and Holly in our sexy ponchos!!

That's where we slept!

on the deck, underneath tarps... poor..

us sitting on the jetty

Holly and her monkey!

Natasha in her sleeping bag

Me being lifebuoy sentry. I wasn't sleeping!! I was wide awake the whole time, just cloud watching...

St John, New Brunswick

Most of the people that were on our boat.

Fun at Sea Ops!

Me and Holly making faces :p

hehe.... I was eating an apple...

Holly and Natasha... gotta love boxed lunches...

Hey look, it's me! and i'm driving!

Me and Natasha and Jesse way in the back

Me, Natasha, and Holly on the beach

PO Kennedy!


Holly, Me, Natasha, Samantha, Tiffany

Boatshed, the coolest place to be

Oh no! the three of us are together, watch out

Natasha and Holly

Hey, i'm driving again... well we all know i'm a better driver than Natasha... but's that another story..


natasha and holly

ooooh look at the bridge.. i think the old man is actually i troll and lives underneath it...

the floating house!

power boating is fun!!