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Bill's Grand List 'o Links

Chicago Blackhawks Official Web Site
Marquette University Band
Chicago Bears Official Web Site
Marquette University
MU Golden Eagles

Tampa Bay Online comics page - Garfield, Dilbert, lots of good stuff.
The Onion - America's finest news source.
Stats up the wazoo. -
MU Golden Eagles Web Site

PC Magazine
MSDN Online Web Workshop -
Great reference for DHTML.
Microsoft Scripting Technologies - JScript and VBScript reference.
ECMS Outlook Scripting Object Model - References for the Windows Scripting Object Model for Microsoft Outlook

The Icon Bar Fonts Page - Lots of fonts... most of them cool.
A1 JavaScripts - Whole lotta cool stuff. - Cool Java and JavaScripts
DHTML Shock - More nice stuff.

My Studsys Page


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