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William M. Haddad

146 Bartram Road
Riverside, IL. 60546

Phone: 708-638-1131
Fax: 312-565-2070


Objective: I would like to use my programming skills as a part of a dynamic team in a fast paced environment where I can gain experience with cutting-edge technologies.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cum Laude, May 2002
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Relevant Coursework:
Programming Languages Networks and Internets Formal Languages
Structured Programming Database Systems Hardware Systems
Data Structures Operating Systems Game Programming
Experience: Quality Assurance, Peapod Inc., Skokie, IL: Summer 2001
Assisted in debugging Internet application resulting in deployment of new e-commerce engine (Peapod 2.0 -
Assisted in debugging conversion software ensuring customers a smooth transition from Peapod 1.0 to 2.0.
Communicated test data with other departments enabling them to test Peapod 2.0.
Documented database features and wrote test plans resulting in more efficient and complete testing.
Computer Consultant, Haddad, Schlack & Assoc./United States Mutual Association, Chicago, IL: 1998-2000
Devised methods that improved office efficiency and expedited data communication.
Maintained office computers.
Provided input on software and hardware purchasing decisions.
Web Developer, Central Newspaper Inc., Chicago, IL: 1996-1998
Maintained and developed web site content.
Posted advertisements on web site.
Skills: Java - Three years experience including sorting algorithms, data structures, parsing, and extending capabilities of a Java based compiler.
C++ - One year experience with input and output, language basics.
JavaScript - Five years experience; Created web page that interfaces with Microsoft Outlook that includes a clock, diary, and alarms.
DHTML/HTML - Five years experience; created user interfaces, special effects.
SQL - One year experience with simple commands and queries.
Volunteer Experience: Member, M.U. Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band, & Orchestra.
M.U. Symphonic Band: Designed and maintained web site (
Maronite Catholic Youth Organization of U.S.A.: Created web site.
Des Plaines Valley Restoration Project, Cook County, IL: Created web site.
M.U. "Circle K Club" of Kiwanis International: Designed monthly newsletters and participated in service projects.
Benedict Center, Milwaukee, WI: Tutored adult GED students in math and reading.
JavaScript programming Computerized sound recording and editing
DHTML programming Computer image editing and design