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NEW Viasat Unlimited Plans Bronze 12 megs Download for 35 gigs, then may slow at times of heavy traffic mainly at night! starting at only $70, that may take a year or so ,  lease $9.99. Stream video, music or just stream, no heavy data caps!!

I call it unlimited surfing! AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! Netflex in HD , no problem just sigh up larger package or Nightshift!   Works on slow DSL too!   


Gold 12 --  12 megs download and UNLIMITED DATA per month.  After 65 gigs could slow down at times with heavy traffic. Viasat 2 is getting up to 20 megs down and 5 megs up at night!!! The wait is over. Surf and Stream Netflex in HD, call for details. Available NOW!!!! -Sign up now-HURRY!!


Due to Southwest Mo. heavy demand for unlimited internet, Viasat Unlimited plans starts at 12 Meg downloads so they can accommodate more customers. Viasat will offer some faster plans in a few months.  Bottom line, with the pricing of this high end internet service, not everyone will pay for unlimited service, so sign up now and enjoy unlimited internet before it gets loaded down!!!


Plans starting at $70. Up to 150 megs downloads coming soon! We can find the best plan for you.


Best to call or come in for latest specials in your area! Updates every week!


Without fast internet, who are you? You can't keep up!


WE install, service and can check status of system at store - - priceless!


Home Owned!  Small Business may leave without your support. Please Support Small Business and America Owned business!