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EXEDE Liberty Plan 12 megs Download for the first 10 gigs then halved  speed in day and fourth speed night! Available anywhere! That's it, no extra charges!!! $10 more double speed to 25 megs downloads

I call it unlimited surfing! AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! Netflex in HD, no problem just sigh up for Nightshift! Works on slow DSL too!   


Freedom Plan 25 megs download and 150 gigs per month.  Surf,  Stream  HD & 4K.  Coming this way this fall, stay tuned, can upgrade when available. THIS PLAN IS AVAILABLE NOW, IN OUR BEAM, FOR A SHORT TIME --HURRY!!


Plans starting at $49.99. We can find the best plan for you.


Best to call or come in for latest specials in your area! Updates every week!


Without fast internet, who are you? You can't keep up!


WE install, service and can check status of system at store - - priceless!


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