Ch 49 antenna is at Polk Mo. Just added 49.2 METV the best classic TV shows available! Now 49.3 Movie ch. It's only available with off air antenna pointed at Polk. This means some people may need two antennas  toget all 18 channels.


We can add off air tuner for Dish exclusive, this will add 3.2 weather 3.3 Cozi, 10.2, 10.3,  21.2, 21.3, 27.2, 27.3, 33.2, 33.3 ANT and the most wanted 49.2 METV 49.3 Movie to your satellite channels.


NEW ch 10 has 10.2, 10.3 Ch 27 has 27.2, 27.3 WOW That's  18 channels! FREE


Products We Carry


Directv - NEW Genie HD-DVR - Records 5 channels at once! Pause HD in ALL rooms. Everyone get HD locals and HD programing!! Choice and up gets FREE NFL Ticket! Free Movies!  This is HOT!


Dish Network - Lowest priced programing in the USA. NEW Hopper 3 4K with Sling , pause HD in ALL rooms. Watch your DVR or LIVE TV on your smart phone or ipad or computer ANYWHERE! Records 4 Primetime locals channels at once and auto skip commercials! 2 terabyte harddrive! Ask about the FREE tablet app! New  new  skinny pack Flex, and add up to 10 packs $6 to $10


Digital HD VCR -  New off air HD tuner with USB memory stick  only $89.95. This turns HD tuner into HD DVR. pause and record. No monthly charge. Antenna needed, up to 18 local channels!! Watch HD locals when you want, pause and skip over commercials. This is great for cable cutters. We also have Sling TV by DISH for high speed internet cable cuters.


Exede - NEW! Unlimited Surfing - Liberty Plan -Super High Speed Internet up to 25 megs down and a whopping 3 meg up - $49 .99 per month plus $10 lease. $99.99 activation charge, FREE ACTIVATION THIS MONTH!  This is faster than DSL! This ROCKS! Netflex sign up for Nighshift.

     NEW - Freedom Plan --available -in Hermitage,  Wheatland & Cross Timbers. Up to 25 Meg downloads and 150 gig- - WOW! Call for more information.


NEW!   Netflex on exede!    No Problem! Just sign up for NIGHTSHIFT!  Call for details, or you can click on main page "Nightshift" to sign up.


CenturyLink -  NEW!  We are now a CenturyLink  Dealer. We offer Brodband great for gaming and Netflex and Phone Service is optional! Buffalo, Louisburg, Urbana city limits special - internet only $24.99 . NEW get $50 Gift card, limited time! Call us for extra discounts and bundles


HDTV's - LG-JVC-- SONY - - WE Deliver, install, service and support- - Priceless!


Music Dept. - Guitars, Amps, PA's, Speakers, and asy, Curt Magan strings, picks etc.


USED Dept. -  Classic TV's, HDTV's, VCR's, DVD's, Stereo and Surround Receivers, Speakers, Turntables, Video Games and Records. We buy guitars, amps and video games and more.


We Install 



HDTV Antennas - New - Ch 49.1 Fox and 49.2 METV 49.3 Movie add on

HD DVR off air recorders.

Surround Sound and Sound Bars

Surveillance Cameras

Service - We still work HDTV's we sell, and some other HDTV's call to check. 417.345.2351


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