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lalapalooza-\la-la-pool-oz-a \noun,1: a unique atmosphere or
environment 2: a chance to see life in a different perspective 3:
personal expression verb, 1:being different 2: coming together to
have fun 3: adding variety and spice to life, adjective,1: stylish
flair, fresh, new, peaceful, charismatic.synonym see: jennifer

believe me for i never sin.

take the money and run take the money and run, i slipped on a little white lie. do you have a PULSE?

ever want to do it all over again?

"You know when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul"

chatter, chatter chatter, chatter lets play cat and mouse.

i just want to be a woman...

full of love full of life, don't you want to share, your little paradise. i think not.

just breathe.... when you open your eyes, what world do you see? is the world you see, the same world i see? are you an analytical freak? or do you obsess over the stupidiest things? do you feel connected to strangers? are you still stuck in the confusion between love and lust? do ever feel plagued with bad luck? can you dream freely? are you fearless, or at least come off as being? do you ever dream like there is no tomorrow? do you ever feel empty inside? are the voices in your head ever so loud they almost seem to take over? can you act on your first impulse. right away? and are you in the same endless quest for a paradise?