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so you say you know me but you don't know the half of it. do you feel what i feel? ill never fall in love again. trust. whats that? i've been dangerous too long. im giving it to the other girls to play. temptations. im dying. blah. so i sit here on a sunday nite supposed to be out partying. no. not me. i don't party. of course. i shall sit in my agony. where the fuck are my glasses. my eyes hurt. so give me reason to love you. give a reason to be a woman. this is all soo surreal. i can't take it anymore. so i'm going to walk into this elevator and hope it takes me to heaven, but wheres the faith? where has the faith been all these years. lost im my own thoughts. walking along the beach. cheap thrills. the way cotton feels. psychotic drunk people all around me. fucking XTERRAS everywhere everywhere i look. for this is the begining of forever and forever. happy new years. im sure nobody spent it the way that i did. so where can i find a fcuk. there aren't shops like in california. californian wanna-be. too dramatic too talkative. yet i always have an opinion. people who talk much know little. people who talk little know much. true or false come one answer the question. milla. you have been cordially invited to the prom. and don't forget that elephants never forget. the thoughts we try to deny take a toll on our lives. i don't want to lose what we had last time. you don't get something for nothing. cuz i don't wanna lose what we had last time. desire is poision. youve smoked your self retarded. and my is it hard to cross a pipe with a squirrel in your backpack. controling overwhelming freak. let me breathe. so just stay away from me. im not flirting. god how i love kid a. the blackness and darkness forever. hunting hunting. for those who've seen the needle i now trip. dude i was shitface bro'. wanna-be surfer. hahah yes that is what i am. but someday someday. i will have what i truly desire. and is not you. don't flatter yourself. double size twice as nice. wandering mind when will you ever cease. your too high maintenence. your evil. why thank you. no one has ever put it that way. i much enjoy the unknown. don't you mr.frog. and one day i will master the arts of french but untill then i shall just say tres tres chic. right sis. yes it drives you mad. its a fire, these dreams have passed me by. i want.. whatever. the answer to all my needs. reconize my state. im letting you down. let it be known. i love you. yes if only i could tell you that but im too weak. but it will fail. because these lies, i can't breathe throught this mess. so breathe on. a habit of victimisation. so now i will tell you this secret. and there should be no reason for it to fail.