Theatre Classes @ Westmont High School

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Theatre I: Beginning Acting
Advanced Theatre
Musical Theatre
Technical Theatre


Time Card
Classroom Etiquette
How to Create a Lip Synch
How To Find a Monologue
Sample Critiques & Papers
How to Write an Acting Critique
How to Write a TECH Critique
Theatre Research Project 2017
Pitch Project Information 2017
Interpretative Dance Project 2012
Mime Project 2014
How to Choose a One Act Play
How to Stage a Scene or Duet
Evaluation Sheet for a Scene or Duet
Participation Score Card
Mime Planning Sheet
Play Report Worksheet

Helpful Links

Standards for Proficient Levels
Standards for Advanced Levels
Performing Arts College Info
How to Find a College
Colleges with Musical Theatre Programs
B's Acting Resume
Music for Mimes
Letter of Recommendation Form