Westmont Drama Department
Theatre Arts I: Beginning Acting

This fun-filled, activity-oriented course is for students who are interested in exploring their theatrical self. The purpose of the course is to give the student a sense of what it is like to be an actor. Students are exposed to the basic principles of acting, improvisation, mime, character analysis and development, scene study, and rehearsal terms. At the end of the fall semester, students select, prepare, and perform two contrasting monologues in an audition situation. The spring semester focuses on the acting and producing of one act plays and discovering Theatre History! Grading is based on class work and individual growth. Students are never graded on "talent."


Course Syllabus

Helpful Stuff:

How to Write a Critique
How To Find a Monologue
Performing Arts College Info
Pitch Project Information
Theatre Research Project
Sample Papers for your perusal
How to Rehearse a Scene or Duet


2013: The Demon, Murder Well Rehearsed, Reservations