Westmont Drama Department

Technical Theatre Classes


Course Syllabus
The Tool Room

HOW TO... :

How to Design Costumes
Painting Rules
How To Use Miter Saw
How to Leg a Platform
Make the Most of Periaktoi


Talk Like a TECH
Build a Flat
Join the Stage Hand's Union
Be a High School Tech
Communicate with other Techs
Audio Equipment
Costume a Show
Costume a Show 2
Lighting Equipment
Learn about Entertainment Technology
Get Insight on Tech and Design
Ask questions about Audio and Sound
Recieve Guidance about Tech
Gain Knowledge to Become an Entertainment Tech
Be Informed about Entertainment Technology
Search the Web for Sounds
Learn About Stage Lighting
Learn about Stage Lighting Design
Draw for Theatre
Be A Stage Manager
Be A Stage Manager 2
Look up Technical Theatre Words
Understand about SOUND & the FCC & White Space