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First went to Taiwan back in 1988 as I was on my way to Oz and needed a stopover. Also I knew a couple of people who were there teaching English and thought it might be a wacky place to visit.......It certainly was!! It was a bit like the wild west, kinda lawless and exciting too. Taipei has changed a lot since those days but it's still an interesting place and despite the fact it drives me crazy at times I keep coming back!!

A classic black and white image of the city of yesteryear.....actually large parts of it haven't changed much!!


OK so what have we got??

Flat in 2008

On Tap(A Boozer)

Chih-Nan Temple 08

Hiking in the mountains
2002 to the present!

TV Adverts

Spring scream 2005

The Eurocentre

Factory outing 2004!!

Spaceship 2004

Golf 2007 & 2007

downtown flat 2004/05

The ING students

The Sing Way student page

The Starbucks students page

Taiwan mates

House by the sea 2000-04

Show time with Much TV

The fine coastal town of Danshwei/Tamshui

The great Taichung blag!!

The southern resort of Kenting


Spring scream 2006

Halloween 2009

Matt & Olivia's

White Monkeys!!

Kaoshiung Tour 2010

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