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Trip to Kenting for the "Spring Scream April 2002"

Eyles and I headed off late on thursday 4th April to get the bus down south. As it was a national holiday the stations were all packed so we hit the pubs for a while.When we got back they were even more crowded but we somehow managed to get on a direct bus to Kenting.

Ten hours later we arrived to find all the hotels booked....except one which we snapped up.The spring scream itself was pretty crap, awful bands and no beer tent.So we sat outside the arena in an open bar and drank lots. Rave party on the beach followed and I didn't make it home till 6am. Next day Natasha and entourage turned up so we spent the day with them. On sunday they checked into a posh hotel down the road which had swimming pools and a private beach...very nice.Too lazy to leave that night and ended up flying back from Kaoshiung.

Best beach in Taiwan

Found a room for 3600nt

Eyles fresh from clearing his head in surf

Natasha, Jennifer and the kids came down on the saturday

And here they are

The little tyke herself

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