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This show is usually held in a studio with a panel of foreigners to lightheartedly discuss issues.This show was a special out door production for the mid-autumn festival.
First we had to make the mooncakes
They filmed us on the pavement outside a cakeshop
Everyone was wearing their countries folk costume, which was why I was wearing a...ahem...Reading shirt!!
Crazy guy Frank is there to add a little spice
Check out Franks own website

See I told you I know all the stars!!
This is me with the host Dong Tse-Chung
Then we had to sell mooncakes on the streets
I tried to keep away from the main group charging around with camera crew in tow.
It was chaotic.Here is Iris in her tradional German outfit!!

Well, what can I say, except that we spent a whole day out running around scaring the natives and that it's coming to a TV near you!!!

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