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The Celtic Lady

The Celtic Lady


The Phases of the Moon

To see images of each phase, go to The Moon Chart.
Includes Gibbous and Crescent.


The Waxing Moon starts at the beginning of the New Moon and goes to the Full Moon. The Moon is growing larger & brighter and this is a time of increasing light, so you would work increasing magick. Draw things to you. To the celts this was considered a time of great psychic power and excellent magick dealing with prosperity, new projects, growth, expansion, increasing health, new love affairs, increasing of knowledge and spirituality,& fertility rituals.

Incense Sandalwood, bayberry, cinnamon, ginger, cedar Crystals Carnelian, medium to dark citrine, aragonite cluster, banded agate



The Full Moon is at it's brightest and this is a time of great power. Any Magick done at this time is directed toward the manifestation of goals. Full Moons are often known by specific names, but there are general correspondences for the moon that can be used as a whole.

Incense Jasmine, rose Crystals Clear quartz crystal (especially sphere), white or rainbow moonstone, selenite, snowy quartz, white opal, silver



The Waning Moon is the phase when the Full Moon has passed and the moon is now decreasing in size nightly as it makes it's way across the sky towards the phase of New Moon. As the moon decreases, magick should be oriented towards decreasing as well. You would work banishments and "send" the negativity away. Rid yourself of the things you don't want or need in your life. Banish negative thoughts, eliminate negative feelings, release all guilt, lose that extra weight, and release any angry or hostile emotions. Make room for the new and improved!

Incense Lavender, frankincense, sage Crystals Smoky quartz

The Dark Moon: The Dark Moon occurs during the three days prior to the New Moon. And as it says, the moon is now dark. This has been said to be a time of great power. Dark Moon energies are those of the Spirit without a particular goal in mind. Open up to the Spirit energies & remember that we do not always know what is best for us. By opening yourself up in this way and freeing your mind of prejudices, you may receive grace, revelations, and power that you never even realized you needed.

The goal during the Dark Moon is to attune with the greater powers at hand. In the case of the Dark Moon, this power is a receptive one.

Incense Myrrh Crystals Apache tear, obsidian, rainbow obsidian All Hail the Triple Goddess! All Hail the Triple Goddess!

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