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Celtic Oath of the Elements

We will keep the faith until the sky falls upon us and crushes us, Until the earth opens up and swallows us, Until the seas arise and overwhelm us. Until it is the end for all of us. Yet it is only the beginning...And fear doesn't belong here.

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Let's Begin at the Beginning!
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The Art of Peace begins with you.

Work on yourself and your appointed
Task in the Art of Peace.
Everyone has a spirit that can be refined,
A body that can be trained in some manner,
A suitable path to follow.
You are here for no other purpose
Than to realize your inner divinity
And manifest your innate enlightenment.
Foster peace in your own life
And then apply the Art to all that you encounter.

- Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)

Three candles that illuminate every darkness:
Truth, Nature, and Knowledge.


Disclaimer: Art & Medical

About the Author

Dictionary of Terms

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The Most Golden Rule of All!
Daily Inspirations to live by.

The Magickal Laws
You decide what you think here

The Craft: Lesson Index Below
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can always come back here.

Lesson I
Principles & Beliefs

Comparison to Christianity

The Basic Priciples of

Wicca & The Ancient Celts

Define "Witch"
What is Wicca?
Celtic History
Wiccan Rede
Wiccan Rune
Beliefs of both
Tenets & Laws

Lesson II

Getting Started: Understanding

Need More Proof about Magick?
This is an excellent Section.

Lesson III: Beginning Magick
Begin your first rituals here.

Lesson IV: Healing Techniques

Tables of Correspondence
Many items will be listed here, such as:
Properties & Usage as well.




Lesson V: Deities

Index of The Gods

Lesson VI: Holidays

Introduction to the Holidays

Lesson VII: Esbats and Lunar Cycles

Calendars & Lunar Charts

Moon Phase Chart

2002 Calendar

The Sequani Calendar Website
Visit this wonderful site and learn
about the ancient celtic calendar!!

Lesson VIII: Divination Techniques

Divination Plus
Tarot,The Oracle, Ogham Alphabet,
Runes to come plus much more.

Odds & Ends
Misc Information

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Other Things

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If you love reading about the occult, then go visit Aeonglobe. It is another occult oriented site with excellent information. Anja has done a wonderful job here, and is an extraordinary writer. I enjoyed reading the articles very much and plan on reading all of them as soon as I can. Enjoy!

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