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Moons 2002


Magick and Lunar Phases

The phases of the moon are said to have a definite influence on your magickal purpose, so that it is important to choose the proper type of magick in relationship to that phase. Basically magick can be broken down into two distinct categories, drawing and banishing. During the waxing moon, we generally concentrate on drawing what we want towards us. During the waning moon, we should work towards banishing whatever it is that we want to get rid of.

For instance, if someone becomes ill during the waxing moon, work to draw health to that person rather than banishing the illness. And say, for example, that the situation calls for a money spell during the time of the waning moon, work towards banishing poverty instead of drawing money towards you. So the way it goes is like this: Waxing moon---draw it to you. Waning Moon--banish it from you. Below, I have listed the best times for favorable magick.

New Moon: It's not ucommon for people to feel blue, or out of sorts during the new moon phase. The new moon is a time for cleansing, a time for retreat and meditation. It represents both Crone and Maiden, or the mysterious time when one becomes the other. Some correspondences are the Maiden or Virgin, birth and initation, beginnings, the hunt, Artemis, Lucina, magick for beginnings & growth. Focus on increasing magick. (drawing to you) ---Favorable for new beginnings, love and romance, health, beauty, self-improvement, gardening, job hunting, creative ventures, and financial gain.

Crescent: Focus on increasing magick. (drawing to you)---Favorable for business endeavors, making changes, emotions.

First Quarter: Focus on increasing magick.(drawing to you) ---Favorable for gaining courage, friends, luck and motivation.

Gibbous: Focus on increasing magick. (drawing to you)---Favorable for gaining patience, peace and harmony.

Full Moon: The Full Moon represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect. This is traditionally the time of the month when covens gather to perform magick. Some correspondences are the Mother, growth, fulfillment, abundance, sexuality, maturation, nurturing, love, Diana, magick for celebration or abundance, work requiring strong energy, most other moon magick. Focus on increasing magick. (drawing to you)---Last phase of the increasing cycle. Favorable for matters involving children, resolutions to decision making, projects, artistic endeavors, beauty, health, fitness, change, competition, dreams, families, knowledge, begin or resolve legal undertakings, love, romance, money, motivation, protection, psychic power, and self-improvement.

Waning Moon: The waning moon is the Goddess in her Crone aspect: wise, experienced, and settling into physical decline. After the growing pains of the new moon and the celebration of the full moon, the waning moon is an excellent time to regroup. Some correspondences are the Crone, old age, deep secrets & mysteries, wisdom, divination, prophecy, death & resurrection, endings, Hecate, magick for cleansing, ending or lessening. Focus on decreasing magick. (Banish it from you.) Favorable for eliminating stressful situations, banishing illness, banishing and reducing debt, eliminating or banishing magick period.

Disseminating: Focus on decreasing magick. (Banish it from you.)--- Favorable for banishing addictions, finding answers to painful decisions, eliminating stress, losing weight, ending bad habits, getting rid of debt, banishing emotional blocks and negativity.

Last Quarter: Focus on decreasing magick. (Banish it from you.)--- Favorable for eliminating stressful situations, banishing illness, banishing and reducing debt, contacting spirits of ancestors, losing weight, ending bad habits, banishing emotional blocks and negativity.

Dark Moon: Focus on decreasing magick. (Banish it from you.)--- Favorable for eliminating addictions, removing obstacles, ridding self of things no longer needed or wanted, including debt, extra weight, bad habits, emotional blocks and negativity.

All times listed below are estimates. If you click on the moon at the bottom of the page, it will take you to a page where you can register to have the moons displayed on your own page. This moon phase provided is updated on a regular basis.


Full moons in 2002

January 13 - New Moon
January 28- Full Moon
February 12 - New Moon
February 27 - Full Moon
March 13 - New Moon
March 28 - Full Moon
April 12 - New Moon
April 26 - Full Moon
May 12 - New Moon
May 26 - Full Moon
June 10 - New Moon
June 24 - Full Moon
July 10 - New Moon
July 24 - Full Moon
August 8 - New Moon
August 22 - Full Moon
September 6 - New Moon
September 21 - Full Moon
October 6 - New Moon
October 21 - Full Moon
November 4 - New Moon
November 19 - Full Moon
December 4 - New Moon
December 19 - Full Moon


01.28 @ 05:50 pm storm moon
02.27 @ 09:17 am chaste moon
03.28 @ 01:25 pm seed moon
04.26 @ 10:00 pm hare moon
05.26 @ 06:51 am dyad moon
06.24 @ 04:42 pm mead moon
07.24 @ 04:07 am wort moon
08.22 @ 05:29 pm barley moon
09.21 @ 08:59 am blood moon
10.21 @ 02:20 am snow moon
11.19 @ 08:34 pm oak moon
12.19 @ 02:10 pm cold moon
All times are EST.

The Blue Moon: Chart of all the Blue Moons until 2020 -- Variable
A Blue Moon occurs when the moon with its 28 day cycle appears twice within the same calendar month, due to the fact that the month has 31 days. Many consider the Blue Moon to be a magickal moon where you may set very specific goals for yourself.

The Black Moon -- Variable
A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given month. It is believed that the second dark moon is the time of greatest power within the spiritual world and any magick worked during this time is particularly powerful.

Moon Correspondents

The Moon governs - The feminine cycles, birth, fertility & menstruation, mothers & children, nurturing, healing, generation, inspiration, poetry, emotions, intuition, psychic ability, secrets, deception, awareness, insight, prophetic dreams, travel (especially by water), the sea and tides, rain, weaving, agriculture & gardening.

Day: Monday
Element: Water
Magickal Tool: The Chalice
Tarot Suit: Cups (Hearts)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Season: Fall
Numbers/Numerology: 3 or 9
Kabalistic Sphere: 9 Yesod
Trees: Willow, sandalwood

Colors: Silver, white, transparent & iridescent colors
Waxing - white or silver
Full - red or green
Waning - grey or black

Stones: Moonstone, pearl, quartz crystals, aquamarine, selenite, beryl

Animals: Bat, horse, owl, panther, rabbit, beaver, cat, chameleon, clam, cow, crab, elephant, most fish & ocean creatures

Plants: Lotus, melons, mushrooms, pumpkin, banana, cucumber, gardenia, lemon, lemon balm, lettuce, lily, water lily, jasmine, ginseng, myrtle, poppy, sandalwood, coconut, vegetables, sea holly, seaweed, watercress, wild rose, wintergreen, any white-flowered or night-blooming plants

Food & Drinks: Champagne, shellfish, soup, vanilla pudding, coconut, crescent cookies, eggs, fish, ice cream, lemonade, white sauces, white wines, yogurt

Some Goddesses: Anna Perenna- (Roman) "Giver of Life, Health & Abundance" and a moon & fate goddess who is the personification of the endless procession of the years.

Artemis - (Grecian) Virgin moon goddess of the hunt and childbirth who is the also the warrior goddess of the Amazons. Considered Greek mythological equivalent of the Roman Diana.

Cerridwen - (Celtic) "White Lady of Inspiration and Death" she rules the changing of the seasons, growth & decline. as well as intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, creativity, poetry and agriculture.

Diana - (Roman) Goddess of the moon, night, women, procreation, springs, woods and hunting. Diana (growth) is a member of the Trinity of goddesses that includes Lucina (birth) and Hecate (death).

Hathor - (Egyptian) "Queen of Heaven" and "Mother of Light", she rules the heavens, the sky & the underworld. Shown with a solar disk headdress and sometimes a cow's face. Mother/wife of Horus.

Isis - (Egyptian) "Queen of the Earth", "The Moon", "Queen of the Stars", she rules love & sexuality, health & healing, immortality, time, star & the planets, earth & nature, the moon & the night. The daughter of Nut and originally independent, she became the mother/wife of Osiris, but remained the more popular deity. Also often shown with a disk headdress, she wears a decorative bun at the back.

Hecate - (Grecian) A dark moon goddess who has the power of magic & sourcery, and bestows wealth & wisdom. She forms a trinity with Diana & Lucina & a triad with Dememter & Persephone.

Levanah - (Chaldean) A moon goddess associated with the first day of the waning moon, she rules the tides. Equivalent to Selena and Luna.

Lucina - (Grecian & Roman) "She who brings the light". Represents birth as part of a tri-fold goddess with Diana (growth) and Hecate (death).

Luna - (Roman) "The Moon That Rules the Months", she regulates the seasons & is associated with the first day of the waning moon. Heavenly name of Diana. Equivalent of Selene & Levannah.

Phoebe - (Grecian) A goddess of the moon & night or another name for Artemis.

Selene- (Grecian & Norman) Goddess of the Moon and "Mistress of the Stars". Associated with the first day of the waning moon, she drives her chariot across the heavens, drawn by two white steeds.

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