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So here is my own page u have now managed to get in here;)since i haven't really worked on this page i tought i should update it a little now;)

Now for general information, i can say i'm an 18year old girl born under the sign of the LION, and that says something about my behaviour!!(relax, i'm not superstitious ppl, but you have to admit it's fun reading;)
I'm born and raised in Oslo by a norwegian mother and a french father..that explains why i speak boths languages..~~I'd have an english parent too, if you were to consider TV as a parent~~hehe
And since last time, i've moved to france!!A nice place in the south; in other words: MUCH, MUCH WARMER!!! And i've taken up law studies too..(as Kamikaze as ever;)!!Nah, it's actually cuz i need it as background for my criminology studies...(i might have watched too much Tv..hehe=)
Ppl usualy have a hard time trying to figure me out..some just settled for strange, some for funny and other for schtizofrenic..(long weird story...ask the ppl in my class...hehe)..But i'm usualy in a very good mood..friendly-natured and fairly patient...just don't wan't to see me on a bad day...then i'm mostly quite the oppsite
(if u wonder about the picture, i've always wanted elf ears...and i'd like to have a real bow...though ppl would look realy weirdly at me in the street(not that they don't usually but anywayz;))'s tough wondering...i'm no expert..just live with myself..and for now it's all good:)
And lately life has been rather great!!Life as a student is working out to be fun and living alone is not thaaaaat hard!!(one on the only times when bathroom, computer and bed for yourself;)And most important: since last time i've gotten myself a Boyfriend!!A nice fellow getting a lot of credit for holding up with me(though he keeps saying it's not that hard;)

When i'm not studying (seing that m law studies aren't just like a walk in the park) or sleeping for that sake, i enjoy being with my friends, listening to music(MethodMan is a big favourite:), watching movies...a party once in a while has never killed anyone and sports...for the moment i've taken up rowing...quite cool...and i'm proud to say that i've still not gone under..pretty good considering my lousy balance and a very polluted water...
Other than that, i love animals, specially biiiig secret dream is to get a baby tiger..or a cheetah...but for the moment i'll just settle for my waaaaaaay small black cat..funny thing though,she believes she's a dog...she comes when you whistle!!
Well this sums up most of it..if u have questions, just send me a mail:)

Mikee drew this...I just colored it...hihi...she's really good at drawing mangaz..don't u think???:)and it kinda looks like me too;

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