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Here are some funny pictures...i have a tendency to look very strange on's the proof;)

This is when i got my "RUSSEDRAKT" signed by Theo..hehe

This is when Cecilie wanted me to stand next to the others for a groupe i refused, they took me by surprise;)

But they finaly convinced me to be taken with them, the teacher and Maky's doooog:)

This picture has a story was one of the tings to doo...keep your mouth shut for a whoooooooole day...i was hard(VERY HARD, for me that is), but i managed..and it was quite comunicate i wrote on whatever fell under my hand...i think that's what i'm doing there;)

Here's one riding some sort of big attraction or something
Actually, the one i sat with shared this with me...had to fight her to eat...or actually, she had to fight me so i wouldn't eat it all...:)

Also, this time we were near the castle...and we just HAD to play tourist and take a picture with the guard..hehe..we had to stuggle not to pinch his ass...but he got so stressed when we ran around him that we skipped it;)

And here is the time we....euh...the others...went was april the 31st...5degrees in the water..weee..hehe..usualy i was the picture taker...but here it was i that got taken(again...Grrrr;)

And then you have the famous RussParties...this is on the way our bus!! and when we got was time to paaaarty!!

The slight problem with these parties are the fact that you have to show up at school the day after...i think this was an atemps to sleep with my eyes open in the brake between two philosofy classes:)

But don'y think i were the only one!!The others did too...hehe

There are some great sides living in iceskating...but being taken picture of in the dark often means THIS: (pale faces;)

And being in the cold and all makes you wanna go on a great cuba for example...but the problem then is: SUNBURNS!!!!they make me sleep akwardly and then ppl take stupid pics like this one:)

And then are the times when u just don't WANT your picture taken, but, well, ur opinion is not taken into account;) (note the handgrip killer's got on me;)

But there are times when i'm the one gripping to this time(don't ask me to have balance on Ice-skates too early in the morning...this was great fun though...maniacs on the loose

another funny pic