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Picturez and drawingz and stuff...The page of the ZAT

Aiight, so i thought i'd put upsome strange pictures and some of my drawings..just for fun, and mostly cuz i'm bored right now...

This is my little Dragon..drew it here the other day as i was thinking i wanted one...and there he came:)!!

But the day i drew it, we(Killer, Mikee and me) were actually trying to put together the main page..and while doing this we had a friend that came by...and he sat down, chatted a little and tryed to explain a great way to update the page...and while doing it he drew this...hehe

Another funny picture is one showing killer and me in case you haven't heard, we've known each other since kindergaten..saying a bit about our funny behaviour together..hehe...sometimes we just disappear into our own world, and it's hard getting us out of it...(Earth to moon, earth too mooon...will you pliiiiis snap out of it???:)
This one was taken last newyears eve...and the others thought we'd gone completely maaaad;))

This is me holding Oscar...Hanne's baby....he's veeeery cute:)That summer i went to Killers holyday place, in KragerÝ...we had a great time~even when it rained~and i even got to cut killer's hair...but she got so nervous, and i didn't really calm her down, i just made stupid jokes freaking her out even other words, it's the last time she'll ever allow me to cut her hair...and it's a good thing too...later (about a year or so)i managed to miscut another goodfriends hair..hehe...end of that story

And that's one of the reasons ppl call me a maniac...the other one's riiiight heeere;)

Another typical view of me is or like either way it usualy evolves around a bottle of Coca Cola...with Killer we can easely be pointed out as Cocacolics;)