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~Welcome To Coyote Country~~Welcome To Coyote Country~


South Texas ~ Home Of ~

Rattlesnakes ~ Roadrunners ~ Coyotes ~ & ~ Cactus

Oh ! & Some of God`s Greatest Country & Creatures (people that is)

Howdy folks nice to see ya, why don`t y`all mosey along with me and jest maybe I`ll be able to show you some things likes of which youve never seen.~

if`n you been here before, you might want to skip over to the holler and wait for me or you can go through that door over yonder and set a spell and read my "Bio"

By golly, there`s Maw on the porch, let`s just see if she`d like to tag along.

Well I reckon she`d druther set on that porch and rock and knit and pet that guldurned cat !! Why don`t we just wander over to that stand of trees , and maybe we`ll jest might stir sumpin up.

Hey! looka ther would ya?~ it`s a danged ole ornery coyote, jest came out of those trees yonder !! I think that snake spooked him, ugly as that snake is, I don`t blame him for runnin!

Well now would you looka there !! It`s a dadburned Bald Eagle,sure are a pretty sight, never could figure why they called em bald, never saw a baldheaded one yet !!

There goes one of my boys horses through the pasture,hope that ornery old bull ain` out there !!

I`ll be doggone, there wont be no walk to the holler today see`ins how that mean ole bull done got there first !! Well maybe next time.

Now there`s a right purty sight, always love to see the birds a-courtin. Maw always seez to it they have plenty to eat even before my breakfast , but I sure do enjoy seein em too!

Do you`all smell smoke ? Me too.I think ole man Ledbetter is fixin to burn off some of his pasture, which is a good thing in the spring, gives the grazin grass a real start. Yeh I can see it now over yonder near that ridge.

Y`all come back soon yah hear and we`ll take another walk over to the holler !!

I`d like to show you`all some pictures of Maw and Me and maybe the kids too if you got time. before you leave,what do you think of that? <

It looks like weire fixin to get a storm! Reckon we got back at a good time..

Well hello there!, you`re that young couple that was here the other day, thought Paw about talked your legs off! He`s in taking a nap, bout time for him to be stirrin. Let`s walk on over to the house, I`m sure he`ll be ready to talk your ears off! He sure did enjoy your visit the other day, had me drag some more pictures out of the kids and grandkids, loves to brag on em whenever he gets the chance!

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