Canadian Armed Forces

    No, I'm not a Canuck.  I'm a Texan, but this is a way for me to show off a few of my photos.  The Canadians have a long, proud aviation heritage and have flown a great variety of aircraft.  Sticking with the theme of aviation in the South West U.S. I have created a page of CAF aircraft I have photographed in the region.  It used to be common to see CAF aircraft in El Paso during the winter months.  Unfortunately they, like the full color schemes, are rarely seen anymore.

   My original intent was to put all the photos on one page, but decided against that as most folks don't want to wait a month for the page to load.  So, I have created the following pages:

CF-116 Freedom Fighter

CAF Fighters

CAF Transports and SAR aircraft

CAF Trainers

   There are several sites that cover the history of the RCAF/CAF.  In my opinion this is one of the best, with information on units and photos of just about every type of aircraft ever operated:  Canadian Air Force / la Force aérienne canadienne

   This site provides some good reference on building the RCAF/CAF in plastic:The RCAF/CAF in Styrene


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