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Canadair Sabre
(F-86 Saber)


(1) 23146, a former RCAF Sabre Mk.5 in U.S. Army markings during Patriot missile tests in 1982.  These Sabres were operated and flown from Holloman AFB by contractors.  Quite a few of these aircraft were operated out of Holloman during the late '70s and early '80s.  (CB)
(2)  23190 at Holloman in the fall of 1979.  It along with the F3D-2  (EF-10)  behind it were operated by Ratheon in various missile tests at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).  The abbreviation is usually pronounced as "Whizz-mer".
(3)  Ex RCAF 23200 during Patriot Missile tests in the fall of 1980.  This Sabre along with the one in the background, is fitted with a long boom, hence the "Pinnochio" emblem on the fuselage.  These two aircraft also have more color than the average US Army CF-86.  (CB)
(4)  While not in the Southwest portion of the U.S.A., this Sabre Mk.5 (RCAF 23363) at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington illustrates a Sabre in RCAF markings.  (CB)
(5)  This Flight Systems Sabre is a Mk.6, 23701, masquerading as N87FS at the Holloman AFB open house in 1995.  (CB)

CF-100 Canuck


(1)  Another out of place photo, this time of a 414 sqdn CF100 (100504) displayed at Castle AFB in 1989.  The colorful scheme is faded, but this "Clunk" looked as good as ever to me.  (CB)

CF-101B/F Voodoo
(F-101B/F Voodoo)



(1)  A former RCAF F-101B on display at the Pate Transportation Museum in Cresson, Texas.  This Voodoo was built as F-101B 59-0471, went to Canada as "17471" and returned to the U.S. when replaced by refurbished CF-101Fs during Operation Peach Wings.  It has been on display since the 1970s and still looks good in this 1987 photo despite the exposure to harsh Texas climate.  By 2006 the museum had closed and the disposition of this airframe is unknown.  (CB)
(2)  101029 on the flightline among 111th FIS Voodoos in August, 1982.   The overall gray is a lighter shade than used on USAF Voodoos.  (CB)
(3)  101031 of 416 sqdn breaking over the 1982 William Tell meet.  (CB)
(4)  "031" taxis by after arrival.  This a/c is in a NMF finish with red panels.  (CB)

CF-104 Starfighter
  (F-104 Starfighter)  

(1)  The only CF-104 I photographed in CAF service.  711 is parked next to an HHH-777 CH-53 at the NAS Dallas open house in May, 1981.  (CB)
(2)  A former CAF CF-104D 104850 wearing the registration of M104JR at ELP in 1988.  The airplane has since moved on to the Starfighters demonstration team and re-registered as N104RD.  (CB)
(3) Another ex CAF CF-104D  104632 at Luke AFB in 1996.  This airplane was with Thunderbird Aviation as N166TB at the time.  (CB)

CF188 Hornet
(F/A-18 Hornet)


(1)  410 sqdn Hornet, CF188723 wearing 75th anniversary markings at the 1994 Amigo Airshow.  (CB)

(2)  The tail of "723", showing the special artwork.  (CB)
(3)  Two seat CF188936 from 416 sqdn at the 1998 Amigo Airshow.  (CB)
(4)  The "Lynx" emblem of 416 squadron on the fin of "936".   (CB)
(5)  CF188938, also from 416 sqdn. at the 1996 Amigo Airshow.  (CB)
(6, 7 & 8)  441 sqdn CF188740 at the 2002 Davis-Monthan AFB open house.  (CB)
(9 & 10)  188754, another 441 sqdn Hornet on display at the 2002 Amigo Airsho.  (CB) 


CF-116 Freedom Fighter

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