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Feb. 20th, 2002

This is the only place on the web that lets you decide how the greatest tournament ever plays out. This is of course, the CELL GAMES! Every few days a new fight will be announced and fought soon after that, but you're the ones who get to pick which fight to see. Just e-mail any fight you want to see to me.
Requestable Fighters


  • Vegeta-Sama: Feb 27th: It has arrived. Click the above banner to visit the new and improved TCG. Welcome to the otherside...
  • Vegeta-Sama: Dec 19th:'s been an interesting 2 weeks, in which I've been able to do a lot of thinking over things. I've realised that TCG took a wrong turn somewhere, and that this is completely not what I wanted for it. So, I'm starting over. The original site will remain open, stored on angelfire and at the old address, for anyone who wants to see it. As for the new site, it will probably be located at the new address (, but if it ends up elsewhere, I'll post that here for anyone who wants to follow me to the new place. Keep checking for the new site, I have no idea when it will be post worthy...until next time guys, lay.
  • Saiya Jin-S: Dec. 9th: Well this is one of the biggest onse for me, I've spent the better part of today working on this and now that it's done please be responsible and considerate. If I find them being used without my permision I'm going to remove them, and raise some hell against those who caused the pull.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Dec. 7th: Yes, that's right, an update...amazing, isn't it? Well, despite my best efforts, I just can't find the time/energy to do the play-by-plays. I'll finally be back in the clear come the week before Christmas. You can expect the play-by-plays then. Until then guys, lay.
  • Old Updates from July 27th, 2001 and on.

  • This is a new site, so if you like what you see, tell your friends. Word of mouth is still our best form of advertising!
  • Most of the pics on this site come from DragonBall Webpage HQ, just wanted to give them some props for the great work they're doing! (Some are from "Steve's DBZ Pics", so check there if you're looking for more pics!)
  • And most importantly, thanks to Bulmachan for the help with the site, and for just being her. Thanks babe!

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