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The Tournaments Page

This page will be devoted to running single elimination tournaments between all the aviable fighters. Each month, a new tournament will run, with each fighter advancing one level up the tree for each win, and losers dropping out of the tournament. All fights will have a poll, on this page, to predict the winner, as well as a poll on the "polls" page to predict the overall winner. Any comments can be placed on the messegeboard, any suggestions for the tournaments can be sent via e-mail to me(see bottom of main page for address). The winner of each round will be shown in silver.


  • Nov. 20th: I'm been very busy doing things in the real world, and haven't had much time to work on the tournaments. I hope to have a new one up in the next week or two. I may even run two over the course of the US Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Oct. 17th: I'm going out of town tomorrow so there won't be a new tournament up for another week, sorry folks. If your interested in helping what so ever contact Vegeta-Sama.
  • Oct 9th: I will be restarting the the tournaments soon, but please be patient with me due to the amout of school work I have to do. I hope to have the parings up and the winners up by Thursday at the latest, but this is only a guess. I'll try to get on the ball a little faster next time.
  • Sept.: I'm temporarily suspending the tournaments till I get some help or more time to work on it. Until that happens, Laters.

Tournament Winners:


The Fighters:
1. Goku
2. Mystic Gohan
3. Goten
4. East Kaioshin
5. Fat Buu
6. Dabula
7. 18
8. Vegeta
9. Chibi Trunks