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Character Backgrounds

  1. Aiel: Someone from the Aiel waste.
  2. Atha'an Miere: One of the 'sea people.'
  3. Borderlander: Someone from the city-states/countries which border the Blight.
  4. Cairhienin: From the land of Cairhienin.
  5. Domani: Someone from Arad Doman.
  6. Ebou Dari: Residents of Altara city of Ebou Dari.
  7. Taraboner: Someone from Tarabon.
  8. Tairen: Someone from Tear.
  9. Ogier: A race of nonhuman creatures who live in Steddings. The only nonhuman characters avaiable (unless you want to play Bella).
  10. Seanchan: One of the decendants of Artur Hawkwing.

Classes (paraphrased from The Wheel of Time Roleplaying game)
  1. Algai'd'siswai: Aile warrior, fights with spears. This includes Maidens of the Spear
  2. Armsman: your general fighter
  3. Aes Sedai: a woman trained in the use of the One Power
  5. Noble: just what it says
  6. Commoner: Common people sometimes make the most interesting characters. Also helpful in creating NPC's.
  7. Wanderer: nomadic person who is 'looking for adventure' or simply wandering around.
  8. Wilder: A person with talent for the One Power, but is untrained
  9. Woodsman: hunter or warrior who prefers the wildernes

You can, of course, combine or add to these. Just state it in your Bio.

Making your character:
This is the fun part, and thanks to the wonders of HTML, easy too! Just fill out this form.
If you prefer, you can send me an e-mail with the following:

  1. Your Name or the Alias you like to use
  2. Your e-mail, especially if you will be using a different one for the sim.
  3. Character Name:
  4. Hails From: (or your character's background)
  5. Trade (if it is different than what your character does, eg: Perrin is a trained Blacksmith but he is a Wolfbrother)
  6. Class/Occupation (or a discription of what you want your character to do for his/her living)
  7. Physical Description: (what others see when they look at you)
  8. Weapon of Choice:
  9. Motto (a saying that describes your character or that they use frequently):
  10. Personal History (get creative, make this the story about WHO your character is, and why they are that way)
  11. Psychological Profile: especially important for male chanelers.(this is optional)
  12. Any other relevant information
Most importantly, have fun with this. I will e-mail you back and give you the starting information for your first log.

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