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Sometimes I have thoughts or observations about the game that cannot be summed up nicely into a handful of crunchy bits. Sometimes the things I think about are of interest, but not of any real use in a game. Many times, these things are too long to be summed up in the blog, and besides, I prefer that to be my outlet for real-life musings (edited for brevity, of course).

That is where this section comes in.

Perhaps you've already seen my Soapbox Alerts elsewhere, complete with icon: . This entire section could be considered one big Soapbox Alert.

To date, I have two pieces for this pie:

What are Role-Playing Games? addresses something I have yet to see elsewhere in Cyberspace. While there are a ton of role-playing sites out there, they all start with the supposition that everyone perusing the site understands what is being talked about, to a certain degree. However, I have never found a site explaining for the casual surfer what RPGs are. With so many people unaware of the nature of D&D and other role-playing games, it seems strange that I, of all people, should be the first to take a shot at this...

Arms Race: Hit Points vs. Damage Ceilings takes a look across editions of Dungeons & Dragons, and discovers that the old grey mage, he ain't what he used to be many long years ago, because now adventurers can just laugh at his spells, because their hit points outstrip his ability to hurt significantly hurt them. I also explain what hit points are (for you newcomers) and why the d20 system needs a particular little tweak. Those who fail to learn from history, and all that.

Feats, Skills and Marks

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