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Maryville College CELL

I studied in Maryville College, Center of English Language Learning from May/22/99 to Oct/01/99. This school is located in Tennessee State. This school is relatively cheap and they give us a very nice service. Many students come to this school from all over the world. I've got many friends who is from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Argentina.... Near this school there is Smoky mountain. And we sometimes went to RAFTING. It takes 30 minutes from Maryville to Knoxville, which is a big city. On campus there is a swimming pool, football field, tennis court.... We played many kinds of sport with friends.

Diary (May/22/99-Jun/30/99)(Japanese)

Diary (Jul/02/99)(Japanese)

Diary (Jul/10/99,Jul/28/99)

Diary (Aug/12/99)

Diary (Sep/04/99)

Diary (Sep/07/99)

Diary (Sep/30/99)(Japanese)