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This morning I couldn't get up at 8 o'clock. About 8:40 I got up and went to the cafeteria. On my way to the cafeteria, I saw Natsuko. She already ate breakfast. After breakfast I went back to the dorm. At the entrance I met people who were from Kosovo. They were looking for a cafeteria. So we took them to the cafeteria. They could't understand English. It was very difficult to communicate with them at first. But we managed to know their names, age and the reason why they came here. They also managed to do so. They memorized our names. They said that they had arrived here from Kosovo yesterday. Later they invited us to their room. We couldn't understad everything, however, we enjoyed very much.


This afternoon they left to their apartment because probably the church support them, so they could find their apartment. Natsuko, who already left here, wanted to keep in touch with them. So I gave them a card, on which I wrote her address and mine. I hope that we can meet again someday. They told me, "Thank you." in the end. At last our conversation began.