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Diary (Sep/07/99)

I got up at ten o'clock. Then I saw Takashi in Lloyd dorm. He bought a computer yesterday. But he wanted to use Japanese system with some reasons. We went to Barger King and ate lunch there. After we came back to Lloyd dorm, we set up his computer. At that time I saw Aiko. We have never seen each other for a day. After we finished setting up his computer, Aiko and I went to my room, and talked a little bit.

At dinner time I saw Lily. We have never seen each other for 3 days. I thought she went to travel. But she just stayed here. She was very tired. So, she slept everyday.

At 8 o'clock we went to the gym, got on the bus to Knoxville. Today is labor day. So, the fireworks was supposed to have in Knoxville. That was very good. We saw very beautiful fireworks. We really enjoyed. The fireworks always reminds me of Japanese summer. I will never forget this scenery.

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