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  Send in the years you would like to sign your prospects for between 1-3 years. Send in your Arena names. Also send in Logos and Endorsements

Contact info

Welcome to the PNHL!!!!!!!!!! Entry draft will be held on Sunday Nov 14th if you can't make it send a list or i will pick the players in order they are listed in the draft folder. Also added a chart so you will have some idea what your prospects are going to be rated.

TRADING IS NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!! Initial Draft picks canNOT be traded.

Finally all team names are in.

Get your prospects signed!!! Simply email the Comish with the amount of years you would like to sign them for.

Get your endorsement deals in. Rules say you need at least 2.

Need Arena names from you all.

Team logo's are now linked to your rosters

500K for a team logo

Team websites


The Stanley Cup The Cup is up for grabs. Who will be the first to take it home. The PNHL would like to welcome its new gm's as we prepare for the season start.

Season Information

Today News

Double sim tonight as there where only 4 games per day. On the first sim Kolsig gets a shutout to help lift the Pirates over the Knights. In the secound set Luongo does the same to help Olympians down the Tonkas.

Extra Stats

Season Statistics

Farm League


1 paris Dion Phaneuff
2 london Jeff Carter
3 stockholm Yannick Lehoux
4 detroit Zach Parise
5 tokyo Jeff Woywitka
6 moscow Thomas Vanek
7 dublin Mike Richards
8 warsaw Jason Bacashihua
9 lisbon Ryan Suter
10 boston Mikko Koivu
11 berlin Braydon Coburn
12 geneva Kirill Koltsov
13 montreal Igor Grigorenko
14 vancouver Andrei Kostistyn
15 madrid Mark Stuart
16 LA Jeff Tambellini
17 denver Brad Boyes
18 toronto R.J. Umberger
19 new york Brent Seabrooke
20 vienna Alexander Steen
21 chicago Patrick O'sullivan
22 prague Ryan Whitney

23 philly Ryan Getzlaf 
24 edmonton Marcel Goc 


25 Edmonton Alex Perezhogin 
26 Philly Robert Nilsson 
27 Prague Hannu Toivonen
28 Chicago Chris Higgins
29 Vienna Keith Ballard
30 new york Shawn Belle
31 toronto Eric Nystrom
32 denver Alexander Polushin
33 LA Jiri Hudler
34 Madrid Anthony Stewart
35 Vancouver Maxime Ouellet
36 Montreal
37 Geneva
38 Berlin
39 Boston
40 Lisbon
41 Warsaw
42 Dublin
43 Moscow
44 Tokyo
45 Detroit
46 Stockholm
47 London
48 Paris
1 paris
2 london
3 stockholm
4 detroit
5 tokyo
6 moscow
7 dublin
8 warsaw
9 lisbon
10 boston
11 berlin
12 geneva
13 montreal
14 vancouver
15 madrid
16 LA
17 denver
18 toronto
19 new york
20 vienna
21 chicago
22 prague
23 philly
24 edmonton
November 10, 2004