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Unable to come to term with their players and no end in site to the contract dispute, owners have decided that it is no longer in their best interest to continue with the league. In its place the PNHL has formed it is a multinational league with teams spanning the globe. With many new rules that should help owners to make a profit there is high hopes that this league will succeed where the other one failed. We will use NHL players but will not be using there NHL performance after the start of the season. I will be setting up a chat room on IRC and will assist any gm who wants to join it. You wont be required to join this chat room but MSN or ICQ will be helpful expecially when talking trades. Emailing trades can take a long time and likely wont be the best way to get a trade done..

To start the PNHL we will begin with a entry level draft. This draft will include all players drafted in or before the NHL 2003 draft as long as they are not on a roster already or on the unassigned list.

Any loop holes should be pointed out to the league officials. If a lope hole is found it will be filled retroactively if the league feels that it is in the best interest of the league to do so. I hope to develop a group of advisors and any rule changes will go through this group. If you would be interested in this then please feel free to contact me.

Gm Expectations

You are expected to be respectful of all members of the league. This includes the league office and your fellow GM's.

Answer all messages from the league office and your fellow gm's this includes all trade inquiries even if it is to say "no thanks."

Articles about your team and the league are not required but will be a great way to add a little extra money to your teams coffer. I will be giving 200K-500K per article as long as it lives up to the league standard. These articles can be emailed to the commish link or placed on the Message board.

Sending lines is a must. It is in your best interest to make lines as it has a direct effect on how your team performs.

Any absences from the league should be posted on the message board. There is a section there i ask that you please use it.

Only one team will be allowed per IP address. Sorry this is to keep GM's from taking over more then one team.


I will sim re rate the players at the end of every season.

NHL performances will mean absolutely nothing and will only be used to set up the player database. The only exception to this is that i will not work the dead. Well much. If any player dies in real life he will be removed from the sim at the end of the season. Because i can't follow every player i ask that you email me with proof of his death. You may ask why you would do this well its simple if you prove to me the player is dead then i will bump any 4 of his stats (GM Choice) by 5 points. He will then be deleted from the sim after the last game of the season.

Any forward can be moved to any other forward position once during the season. I will set up a Site for people to check. It is up to you to make sure that the player hasn't already been moved. If he has and you ask to move him again you will be fined 1 mil for wasting my time.

Players can be released from there contract for 50% of there total contract.

A player who is 28 years old or older will be classed as a UFA

What the abbreviations mean:

PLAYER : This is the player’s full name.
PO : This is the current playing position of the player, C/Center, RW/Right Wing, LW/Left Wing, D/Defense and G/Goalie.
HD : This is the stick handling of the player when shooting, should he be Left or Right handed.
CD : This is the physical condition of the player. When a player is healthy, there is a OK instead of a number. When a player is tired, there will be a number between 99 and 96. When a player is injured there will be a number below 96 (95 or less), the lower the number, the more serious is the injury.
IJ : This is the level of the player’s injury. DD means "Day to Day" and the player should recover quickly. W means "Weeks", a number will always appear before the W to show how many weeks a player will take to recover (2W = 2 weeks). M means "Months", a number will always appear before the M to show how many months a player will take to recover (3M = 3 Months). Over 3 months of injury recovering time there will be a IN which means "Indefinitely", this usually does not excess 4 months.

IT : This is the intensity of the player on the ice. Which means how he dares playing in the corners, taking and giving hits, a low ranked IT player will probably have more slumps than a high one. 

SP : This is the skating speed of the player, it is self explained. Goalies, Defense men and Forwards (in that order) have much impact on the game with a high speed stat.

ST : This is the player physical strength, based on height and weight. It is not important to have many of them on a team as this will make them slower players.

EN : This is the player’s endurance. It represents how much ice time a player can get without being tired for the next game, a player with a very high endurance can play many games in a row without being tired. This also depends if he plays on more than one regular, power play and short-handed lines. Playing on more than 4 different lines all the time will get the player tired quicker. A goalie with a very high endurance could play over 75% of the games if not injured.

DU : This is the durability of the player, it shows how inclined a player is to avoid injuries. A player with a 25 durability is almost certain to be injured if playing regularly compared to a player with a 90+ durability who could play all games with no injuries.

DI : This is the player discipline, it shows how inclined a player is to avoid penalties. A goon will always have a very low discipline and will regularly be fighting and possibly will be suspended.

SK : This is the skating ability of the player. It shows how good a player is to maneuver, accelerate, turn or quickly change direction on the ice.

PA : This is the passing ability of the player. The higher the passing, the better the chances are that the player will get an assist on a goal on the line he plays with. PC : This is the puck control of the player. It represents how good a player is at keeping the puck on his stick when around opponents.

DF : This is the defensive ability of the player. It shows how good a player is to stop the puck and steal it from another player. A defensive ability is more effective with a high puck control (PC), especially during short-handed situations.

SC : This is the scoring ability of the player, it shows how accurate a player is at scoring goals. As it is for defense (DF) this ability is also more effective with a high puck control (PC). A player with a scoring of 90+ can end up a season with 50 goals.

EX : This is the experience level of the player. It represents the player's number of professional seasons played before, playoff games and farm club seasons. This is usually effective during the playoffs.

LD : This is the leadership level of the player. Combined with the experience (EX) it shows how much a player can boost his team on the ice (since there is no locker rooms in simulated leagues). Often a player will have less leadership than experience.

OV : This is the Overall skill of the player. This is a stat that you should be cautious with. Often gm's will trade players based on the OV while they shouldn't. You could have a forward with a scoring of 70 but an OV of 67 which is not bad at all or even a defense man with a DF of 73 but an OV of 69. The overall is effective to get crowds in your arena. A player with an overall of 80+ will bring more people in the stands. When trading, look at all stats before checking the OV, often the OV is not very high because the player lack experience and leadership (rookies). The overall is also used to compare values when it is time to sign new contracts.

AGE : This is how old a player is at the beginning of a season. All players age by one year when a new season begins

Note: Goalies are a bit different from other players; they do not have any DF and SC stats (always 25 or N/A). Their important stats are SP, SK, PC and IT]


All players will have a chance to retire as soon as the reach the age of 36. Once they reach this 35 years of age they will only sign a 1 year deal.

Age 36 they will have a 1in 6 chance of retiring.

Age 37 they will have a 2 in 6 chance of retiring

Age 38 they will have a 3in 6 chance of retiring

Age 39 they will have a 5 in 6 chance of retiring

At age 40 they will retire



Coaches will have an effect on team play.

A coach can be hired from 1-3 years at which time you can resign them to a extension of 1-3 years if you offer them a 50% raise. Or you can chose to release them and find a new coach. A coach who has been released from his contract will not resign with the team he was released from for 1 season.

Coaches will be re rated based on there performance each off season

OF will increase by 2 points if the team scores more then 270 goals

OF will increase by 1 point if the team scores more then 240 goals

OF will decrease by 1 point if the team scores less then 190 goals

OF will decrease by 2 points if the team scores less then 160 goals

DF will increase by 2 if team allows less then 160 goals

DF will increase by 1 if team allows less then 190 goals

DF will decrease if the team allows more then 240 goals

DF will decrease if the team allows more then 270 goals

EX will increase by 1 if team plays in the first round of playoffs

EX will increase by 2 if the teams makes it to the 2nd round of playoffs

EX will increase by 3 if team plays in the conference finals

EX will increase by 4 if team plays in the cup finals

EX will increase by 5 if the team wins the cup

EX will be decreased by 5 if the team fails to make the playoffs

LD will increase by 2 if team has a winning percentage over .600

LD will increase by 1 if team has a winning percentage over .500

LD will decrease by 1 if the team has a winning percentage under .450

LD will decrease by 2 if the team has a winning percentage under .400



Any player who is over 22 and has played more then 10 games will have to clear waivers if sent to the farm league. He will also have a 2 way contract after playing 10 pro games.

Entry Draft

The entry draft will be held after the playoffs have been concluded but before players who's contracts have run out become FA's.

The Entry draft will consist of 3 rounds where either the odd players or the even players from the real entry draft will be picked. After season 1 we will draft the players who where drafted 1-3-5 and so on. After season 2 we will draft 2-4-6 and so on. This information can be found at the Hockey DB.


Prospects are players who's rights are owned by a team but have not yet been put into the Sim.

To have a prospect created Email the commish with his name, Year and round he was drafted in and the length of his contract. Length of contract can be between 1-3 years.

round 1 picks 1-12 900K per season

Round 1 13-24 750K per season

Round 2 25-36 600K per season

Round 2 37-48 500K per season

Round 3 49-60 450K per season

Round 3 61-72 400K per season

Goalies minutes played

No goalie will be allowed to play more then 68 games in a season. Once he plays this many games he will be suspended for the remainder of the season. He will of course be available if the team qualifies for the playoffs.

Farm streaks

Farm streaks will be on from the time the last team hits 30 games until the trade deadline.

Players who are 72 ov or higher must be called up to the pro league. I will email you if you are found to be in violation of this rule you will then be given 48 hours to fix the problem or the player will hold out.

If i check and a player is 74 ov or higher and playing on the farm team you will not be given a warning he will hold out immediately.

If a player holds out the GM will need to send the commish an email stating he will double the holdouts salary and that he will call up the player to the pro team.

If no offer is given within 72 hours of the player holding out the player will walk away from the team and will become a UFA. Every team will be allowed to bid on the player except the team he left and the player will not be allowed to be traded to the team that he walked away from.

Intent to injure Penalties

The Sim can suspend your player at any time during the season but sometimes the sim can be a little too lenient. To solve this problem we will have an Intent to Injure rule.

If any player is hurt as a result of a latent penalty which include Spearing,Head Butting,Charging,Boarding,High Sticking,Roughing the GM who has the injured player may ask the league office to look at the penalty and assess whether or not the instigator of the penalty should be suspended.

CD of 76-79 gets a 1 game suspension

CD of 66-75 gets a 2 game suspension

CD of 51-65 gets a 4 game suspension

CD of 36-50 gets a 5 game suspension

CD of 35 or less gets a 7 game suspension

Teams will have till the next sim to get this email into the Commish mailbox. And the players suspension will begin after that sim as not to reflect on anyone's line combination.

Spearing head butting and kicking will not be to rated in the PNHL and are grounds for an automatic 3 game suspension even if no injuries occur. A team need only email the Commish's office about such a violation and the player will again be suspended after that days sim as not to reflect on anyone's line combinations.

PNHL Medical Facilities

For a $2 million dollar fee you can send any player who is injured to ask for medical assistance from one of the PNHL specialists. Simply put the player will go up to the next injury level. This can only be used once per injury.

Indefinite injuries can go to 2-4 months

2-4 months can go to 4-6 weeks

4-6 weeks can go to 2-4 weeks

2-4 weeks can go to 1-2 weeks

1-2 weeks can go to day to day

Day to day can go to healthy

Free agency

pre signing will occur after the trade deadline and before the end of the regular season. You will be allowed to pre sign all your group 1 RFA's, 6 RFA's and 2 UFA's during this period.

RFA's will sign for 25% to 40% more then there current contract.

UFA will sign for 40% more then there current contract.

Players will be aged after the last game of the stanley cup finals has been played.

Group 1 RFA is a player who is under the age of 22. These players can not be bid on any other teams. They will however sign according to the following chart for a 2 year period only. There GM need only send an email to the Commish's link stating they wish to sign these players. If no Email is received these players will become UFA.

less then 60OV $250K

Less then 65OV $500K

Less then 70K $750K

Less then 73OV $1mil

Less then 76OV $1.5 mil

Less then 79OV $2 mil

79OV or higher $3 mil

RFA players under the age of 28

A GM must email the Commish that they wish to Qualify these players for 75% of there current contract. If no offer is received these players will become UFA's. For some players this offer may be enough to get them to resign.

If a player goes threw the off season without receiving an offer from another team he may reconsider and sign for the qualifying offer he has received.

All RFA can be signed to 1-4 year contracts.

UFA players 28 and over or any RFA who has not been qualified as stated above.

Any player 35 or over will only sign a 1 year deal.

The Madness that is free agency

After the entry draft we will move on to free agency. In this period you may offer on all players not currently under contact with another team. RFA who are bid on can be matched by the team that holds there rights or that team can opt for a compensation package.

200,000 TO 550,000            2nd ROUND PICK, if player is 74+ OV add a 3rd round pick
551,000 TO 800,000           2 2ND ROUND PICK , if player is 74+ OV add a 3rd round pick
800,001 TO 1,999,999          2 1ST ROUND, if the player is 77+ OV add a 2nd rounder
2,000,001 TO 3,500,000       2 1ST ROUNDERS, 2ND ROUNDER, 77+ OV add a 2nd rounder
3,500,001 TO 5,500,000       3 1ST ROUNDERS,2 2ND ROUNDERS, 77 OV add a 2nd and a 3rd
5,500,001+                        5 1ST ROUNDERS, 77 OV add 2 2nd rounder's
Teams will be given 72 hours to discuss compensation and come up with a deal. If no deal can be met then the above chart will be used. If you do not have proper compensation then An arbitration team will come up with a deal. Keep in mind that at this point you have made an error and will likely lose more then you are receiving so caution should be used when bidding on any RFA.

UFA can be bid on by any team. These include any player who has not been qualified and any player who is 28 or over.

The league will set a limit of $10 million dollars for signing bonuses.

Salary Cap

The PNHL will institute a hard salary cap of $55 million. If you go over the cap the following will happen.

1st Offence: I will send out an email and you will be given 48 hours to get your team under the cap.

2nd offence: Your team will be fined the amount you are over the cap dollar for dollar. This will happen everyday for 7 days.

3rd offence: Your highest paid players will be suspended. This will include as many players as needed to get the team under the cap. These players will remain suspended until the team in violation clears the cap space needed to get under the cap.


Every team will be able to sign 1 TV sponsor 1 Arena sponsor 1 Team sponsor and 2 individual sponsors. See the Endorsement page for details

Each team must sign between 2-5 endorsement deals every off season.


Team reports $200K-$500K

League reports $400K-$1 million

POW award $100K

POM award $300K

Presidents Trophy $2 million

Stanley cup champion $5 million

Runner up $3 million

GM of the Year $2 million

Xtrastat Awards (Vezina, Calder, Norris)$1 million

Xtrastat Awards (Heavy hitter, Goon)$500K

GM Awards: (Lady Byng, Hart, Selke, Jack Adams, Conn Smyth)$250K

Points Award: (Art Ross, Rocket Richard)$250K



If a GM wishes to rename it's stadium, it must pay $2,000,000 straight up for naming rights. This can only be done when you have purchased an arena.

In order to relocate to a new City a team will have to pay the league $50 million. Any moves will be subject to league approval.

There are 5 different types of Arenas a team can play in.

Teams have the right to sell a stadium that they currently own, which will come in handy if the team is either poor or looking to upgrade to a bigger stadium. The amount of profit from selling up that they can make is listed under stadium info on each team page.

Let me run through by what I mean (in addition to the examples shown under "suburbia")
Type: The type of Arena that can be built or rented.
How much the Arena costs to purchase. To purchase an arena, a team must have sufficient funds to pay the whole price up front.
A little information about the Arena.
Start Capacity:
The default number of seats that each Arena starts with.
Maximum Expansion Capacity:
The amount of seats capacity that the Arena can be expanded to.
Cost per Expansion Seating: How much each extra seat you can add costs
Advantages the stadium has over lower class Arena.
How much money you would be able to sell your Arena for.
How much money it would cost to rent out the Arena. 

Type: Suburbia
$30,000,000 (default starting Arena)
Located in the suburbs (or county), on the outskirts of the major City your club represents, your Arena will have just enough seats to accommodate for the local population and will be without any advantages that other arenas may present for a club.
Start Capacity:
Maximum Expansion Capacity:
Cost per Expansion Seating:
$2,500 per new seat added (100 seats would cost $250,000).
Suburbia type Arenas will be available to hold local events (see Arena perks info in Finances section for details). As it is only a local Arena and not very big, damages can happen, and are quite frequent, not overly costly.
$24,000,000 resale value + 50% value of each expansion seat added ($1,250 for each seat the team added from the default amount). The Arena loses 5% value each year. So for example, despite the fact it cant be done, if you were to max out your Arenas seating capacity in the first season the value of the seats you added would be $6,250,000. You divide that by half and add it to what the Arena is valued at, which in this case is $24,000,000 so you would add that with $3,125,000 and it would equal to the total selling amount, which is $27,125,000. Now because the Arenas value decreases by 5% after each year, you would subtract the 5% from the total value meaning the expansion seats included, so the total value would drop from $27,125,000 to $25,768,750 after you subtract the 5% of $1,356,250
All teams will start off renting one of these for 2 million a season. If a team wishes buy one they will start collecting the $2 million in rent. The Arena capacity will be minimum, but the seats you buy will be yours and when you are ready to buy an arena they will be sold back to the current arena owner. While renting an arena you will have little say in the name of your arena. Rather it will be named by arena sponsors.

Type: City Wide
Moving into the big City that you represent requires a big enough arena to accommodate for the city wide population including people from both the wealthy, and not so wealthy, walks of life. While your team's sport may not be the most popular in the local area, interest is growing and it is time to support your local economy.
Start Capacity:
Maximum Expansion Capacity:
Cost per Expansion Seating:
$3,500 per new seat added (100 seats would cost $400,000), Teams are allowed 1 renovation of a maximum 750 seats per season.
Major city wide events can now be performed in your Arena, but as you now own a bigger Arena the running costs are far greater. (see Arena perks info in Finances section for details)
$40,000,000 resale value + 75% of each added seat. Decreases in value by 5% each  year.
For the first 2 years the rent will cost $5,000,000  followed by $2,500,000 for every year beyond that.

Type: State Wide
Now you have the attention of your City, it is time to fry bigger fish and go after the state (or providence or whatever) market. The sport in the state's popularity will improve and the nation will start taking notice as their team begins making an impact on the world of hockey.
Start Capacity:
Maximum Expansion Capacity:
Cost per Expansion Seating:
$5,000 per new added seat. Teams are allowed 1 renovation of a maximum 750 seats per season.
An arena as unique as yours is just what your state needed and can now be relied upon for major state affairs and upscale City and Local events.
$80,000,000 resale value + 100% of each added seat. Value doesn't change with age.
$7,500,000 for the first year followed by $5,000,000 every year after

Type: Nation Wide
180 million seems like a lot of money to cough up, but now not only do you have one of the biggest Arenas to go along with the best current technology available that your country has to offer, but admiration of the nation and envy from all those of lesser fortune. Your team will thrive on the best ice the country has to offer, anything big that's happening in the nation will be held at your Arena and you can just sit back and watch the good times roll.
Start Capacity:
Maximum Expansion Capacity:
Cost per Expansion Seating: $7,500 per new added eat. Teams are allowed 1 renovation of a maximum 800 seats per season
The first building that promoters can think of when they have something of national interest on hand is now yours.
Profits can literally be endless with the type of events your major Arena can host, ranging from major sporting events to television show finales, this little beauty of a Arena is what they call a short term loss for a long term gain.
$144,000,000 resale value + 150% of each added seat. Increases in value by 5% every 3 years.
$12,500,000 for first year followed by $9,000,000 every year after

Type: World Class Arena
What do the Olympic Games and World Conferences have in common? It's simple, both can be held in your world class venue! Don't worry about nation wide events, if something big is happening in the World you now have the facilities to play host and play it well.
Start Capacity:
Maximum Expansion Capacity:
Cost per Expansion Seating: $12,500 per new added seat. Teams are allowed 1 renovation of a maximum 600 seats per season
Olympics, World Championships, anything major to do with Hockey on the World calendar will be held in the best facilities available, and chances are if you have yourself one of these babies you will be the host, and along with hosting comes $$$. You get the biggest, and best events on the world calendar and envy from fellow GM's, what more could you want?
$240,000,000 resale value + 200% for each added seat. Increases in value by 5% every 2 years
$20,000,000 for first year followed by $15,000,000 every year after

It will be up to each GM to set ticket prices. These prices can never exceed $50 and can only be set in the off season.


Training Camps

Every off season every team will be allowed to send players to a training camp.

.300-or less can send 5 players to camp

.400- or less can send 4 players to this camp

.500 or less can send 3 players to this camp

.600 or less can send 2 player to this camp

.700 or less you will not get to send any players to STV and only 1 player to the attribute training camp

if your team finishes over .700 you will not get to camp any players


STV: The Sim can be harsh on older players. This camp will be for a player who has gone down in rating despite having a solid season. The amount of players each team can send will be based on winning percentages of the previous season. Each player who goes to this camp will cost his team 200K. These re rates will be based on the players last season stats.

Attribute Training camps: These camps will be used to help certain attributes of the player. Every camp will cost the players team 500K to send a skater and $1 million to send a goalie. Players who attend these camps must be older then 22 years old. Each skill will improve between 1-6 points.

Puck skills





Goalie movement

Goalie Puck control

Goalie Physical


Every offseason you will be asked to name 1 Captain and 2 Assistant captains. A captain must be at least 27 years old and have played a minimum of 65 games with your pro teams in the previous season. Assistants must be at least 25 years old and have played a minimum of 50 games with your pro team in the previous season.

If you manage to keep your captain for 1 full season he will be given 6 stat points to be disperse to any stat, maximum of 2 points to any one stat. He will also recieve 2 points to both EX and LD.

If you manage to keep your assistant captains for 1 full season he will get 3 points added to there stats, maximum of 1 point per stat. They will also get 1 point added to both LD and EX.


You are allowed to trade any of your teams assets. This includes players, prospects, pick, money, and even your coach. The only thing you cannot trade is your arena. At this time we will not allow future considerations to be involved in trades.

As commish i will have final say if a trade is fair. I will also set up a trade committee and all trades must be reviewed by this committee. If one member of the commitee rejects the trade and the other member approves it i will ask the trade reviewers to both explain why they have reviewed the trade the way they did and my decision will be final.

Trades will be done using the message board. In order for a trade to be considered a trade it must be posted on the trade board. The first GM posts the trade on the message board, then with the confimation of the trade by the secound GM the trade is now final. This means that until you have posted the trade or you have confirmed the trade you can back out of it. Keep in mind that your word is only as good as your last trade and that once you have agreed to a trade in talks it is likely in your best interest to confirm the trade on the trade board.

The trade deadline is set at 85% of the games. At this point no more trading will be allowed and you will not be able to sign any more Unassigned players.