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All the items below are made to order and can't be customized. If you would like to see more detailed pictures or get more information on an item before purchasing please feel free to e-mail us any questions you have. If you would like to order an item below please send us the name of the item in an e-mail or an IM (owalkerjillo).

UNO Skip Bag

A primarily red bag featuring 4 UNO card game skip cards and a flap/button closure. Button is plastic and cards are covered in clear duct tape. Strap is white. No pockets. Roughly 6"x9". Premade-$24.00
I Spy Bag

This handbag's front holds 8 cards from the memory game I Spy. It has a red strap and red sides. The back is white with an I Spy card in the center that reads "A pair of red checkers, A wheel from a wagon, Back-to-back tigers, a green and gold dragon". The I Spy cards on both the front and back are covered in packing tape for extra safety. Premade-$20.00
Paint Chip Bag

Featured on this primarily black handbag's front are four paint sample strips. This bag is all black with the exception of the white handle and closure. A green flower bead and pink seed bead are used in place of a button closure on this bag. The paint strips are covered in packing tape for extra safety. Premade-$17.00
Star Wallet

Featuring three stars, two pink and one lime green, this wallet has 3 card pockets and one ID pocket. It's front is green and it's back is pink. Premade-$12.00

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