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All Duct Out
She's at it again.

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Please feel free to browse our original duct tape products! All proceeds go towards raising money to send Walker across a continent to volunteer in South America.

Don't hesitate to e-mail with any questions, comments or criticisms. Currently there are three customizable bag types, one customizable wallet type, customizable duct tape roses and several premade items. Custom items will tend to be slightly more expensive than premade ones however, all prices range from $10-$35.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason plase e-mail Walker at order to keep bags in top condition after purchase hang them from a doorknob or bedpost and stuff them with newspaper, tissue paper or old plastic grocery bags.

She's at it again!

Since coming home from Spain Walker has been itching to get out of the country again. This time, however, she wants to go and be a volunteer to help people in South America learn to speak English. Through the program Projects Abroad she hopes to travel to a south American country (Peru, Chile or Argentina)to help students there speak English. This program costs a total of $2590.

Through the use of this website Walker raised almost $500 for her trip to Spain and she hopes to do the same this time around. Once there is more information or specific details about this program it will be posted here but for now please bear with the site as it will be undergoing a COMPLETE facelift. New designs and maners of ordering will be included as well as many more "premade" items.


Walker Jill

Custom Bags | Custom Wallets
Order Form| Duct Tape Roses| Premade Items| E-mail us!