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Altoids are worth more than you are!

My stats:

Name: My underwear says Carri so that must be it. If its not, somebody needs to tell me, pronto.


  1. Color: the color of that thing outside when you look up in the it....Blue?
  2. Music: I ..ouch...headbang to..ouch..rock and..ouch..emo -makes a pouty face-
  3. Food: *bawk bawk* Chicken Parmesan
  4. Drink: Ummm its Blue and its carbonated (wow that was a big word) it Blue Pepsi!! *angelic singing*

My Addictions:

  1. Word shirts --If you don't own a word shirt, I don't know you
  2. Porcelain Dolls --cover the eyes they scare me! *runs off screaming*
  3. Altoids!!!!! --as if that wasn't obvious! Duhhh! I even have a club for altoid addicts. Wait, aren't you in it?

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