Getting from Sydney to Cowra

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1. Taking a domestic flight

Board the plane at "Australian Jet Centre" which is at the domestic terminal situated next to the international terminal. There are two domestic terminals, so take care, the name of the company is "Country Connection".
Bookings: (069) 423 500

The flight is approximately one hour and costs $159 (as of February 2000)
If you are coming by plane, we will meet you at Cowra Airport. Please let us know two or three days before you arrive.

2. Taking the train and bus from Central Station Sydney

The "Countrylink" ticket stand is on the same level at Central Station as the "Countrylink" platform. The normal way to travel from Sydney to Cowra is by train and bus. This is done by using the "Countrylink" rail company and linked bus company. The times for the link service are as follows:

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM)
Buy a "Countrylink" ticket to Bathurst. Board the XPT bound for Dubbo at 7:10am at Central Station and alight at Bathurst. Change here to the bus bound for Grenfell. There are two buses waiting so, again, take care. The bus arrives in Cowra at 12:35pm. Travel time is approximately 5 1/2 hours and the cost is $49. We will meet you at Cowra bus stop at a cost of $5 per person for petrol.
(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday AM)
Buy a "Countrylink" ticket to Blayney. The trains go to Blayney every day but the bus does not link on these days, so get off at Blayney station and we will meet you there at a cost of $35 petrol money (please book). Arrival time is 11:35am
(Saturday, Sunday PM)
Buy a "Countrylink" ticket to Lithgow. Board the 3:59pm train for Lithgow, alight at Lithgow and board the bus bound for Grenfell. Arrival time in Cowra is 9:40pm and the cost is $49.

3. The "Wayward" Bus company

This bus leaves from Sydney station bus terminal (bay 16) at 8am. You can alight out the front of Blue Gum Farm so it is very convenient. But the bus only goes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The cost is $55 including the opportunity to sightsee at Blue Mountains National Park and Jenolan Caves (entrance fees are your responsibility). Because of the sightseeing, the time taken is 9 hours and arrival time is 5pm.
Bookings: 1800 882 823

The Blue Gum Family
PO Box 203
Cowra NSW 2794
Telephone: +61-2-6341-1352
Fax: +61-2-6341-3327

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