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What Is Counseling About?

Counseling is simply guidance concerning a specific issue or situation, whose objective is to, in various ways, help find a solution, that may lead to a better state. In other words, something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action, in order to reach a specific goal.(Example: mend a broken relationship, overcome a stressful event or situation, help understand and perhaps resolve as best as possible unwanted feelings that may be preventing someone from moving forward, etc..)
Many people today, are what is commonly described as being "stuck in life", and may feel lost with no hope. They have been to a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist, and perhaps have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, fears, eating disorders, or other issues which may be cause of cause instability in some way. They've tried traditional prescription drugs, but they have not been successful. Others may have marital or relationship problems which can also interfere with normal living, creating more stress. These situations and others, may stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. If these issues remain unresolved and continue, they may create an unbalanced state of various bio-physiological systems, including the immune system and neuro-hormonal system, which in time, may result in poor health, mentally, emotionally and physically.

My job is not to label you, diagnose or treat (prescribe medications), but by working together, our goal is to resolve the issue(s) most likely responsible and preventing you to move forward and reach goals.

So what about medications?

They may be needed in extreme emergencies, but many times, clients complaints are that they are over-prescribed. Click the link, "IMPORTANT Information" (and truths you are never told) at the top of the page from list on the left side for some important information.

Unfortunately, many people are being prescribed medications everyday. These are synthetic, toxic chemicals with many side affects, which harm the liver, brain and other organs. They feel they are given these drugs as a "fast cure", and may become addicted to them, not knowing that, for many conditions, there are available very effective, natural, less expensive herbs which which have a similar action as drugs.

Sadly, often not enough time is spent with a person, therefore, the issue or problem at hand is never identified.

Christian Biblical Counseling

Christian Biblical Counseling, also known as Nouthetic counseling, is confidential counseling, and may be defined in short as ...

  • (1) meeting the person where he / she is....

  • (2) pointing out what is wrong....

  • (3) and helping him / her obtain the desirable personality and behavioral change -- based upon Scripture.
  • It arises out of the fact that there is a condition which God desires changed. The fundamental purpose of of the confrontation then is to effect personality and behavioral change-- conformity to the image of Christ. All counseling aims at change.

    Christian Counseling is available to:

    Individuals (adults, teens)
    Those who are searching
    Those seeking premarital and remarriage counseling.
    Life changes i.e. career, marriage or aging
    Manage sudden changes and loss

    Counseling is available to people who recognize any of these conditions:

    Persistent anxiety, or unhappiness
    Anger or bitterness
    Poor self-esteem
    Fears or phobias
    Addictions and substance abuse (alcohol, drugs)
    Eating Disorders(Anorexia, Bulimia)
    Spiritual crisis
    Stress and Post Traumatic Stress
    Relationship difficulties in family or at work
    Unfinished business in one's life
    Adult children of dysfunctional families
    Other conditions


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