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Elan's Response

When I look at Chris' image, I realize that this "utopian" society mind not be ideal for all. Maybe this Miller Lite beach appeals to more of a male audience than the female. He relates it to the game of Candy Land, which also appeals to those who have a passion for such candy, but also not for everyone. I think he drew the image because he thinks it's a fantasy rather than something plausible in the real world. Just like Candy Land tries to market their game to children, his title of "Grown Man's Miller Lite" also markets this product to a specific audience; an audience of older masculine men as presented in the picture.

Jennifer's Response

Chrisí image is extremely cool. I love the idea of using Candy Land. It shows that men like Miller Lite like children like Candy Land. This is a very good analogy. I like how then men shown in the picture arenít a womenís ideal man. They have beer bellyís and not dressed very nice. They look like they are a little bit on the country side, which isnít too appealing to me personally. This shows, that while a lot of men like Miller Lite, it isnít always good for you. Just like candy isnít good for children.

Matt's Response

When I see this picture it makes me visualize what a real Miller Lite advertisement should look like; fat drunken old men chasing after young, attractive, mostly-unattainable women. This shows how a company can present a false image and the comsumer will go for it thinking "I could be that person in the ad if only I drank their beer!". I like how Chris used the Candyland concept to show how these ads relate to adults just as Candyland relates to children. The man in sunglasses appears to be forcing the viewer to drink a beer; to me this shows how relentless companies are in persuing customers.

Chris's Response

It was different simply because it was done on with colored pencils instead of on the computer. There is a hidden analogy, most kids love the unhealthy then grow to love unhealthy beer. There are a few hidden messages of the social problems with beer. The men obviously show the unhealthy beer bellies, but in the background there are a few shadows of people arguing. The colorful candy land path shows how beer can lead to violence.