Let's Forget About It

I told you I was sorry.
I told you I was wrong.
I said it was an accident,
Now donít tell anyone.
But you love to circle round and round.
Youíre so misunderstood.
Yeah, you love to circle round and round,
And you know that we should forget about it.
Letís forget about it.

You lied about how much you knew.
I thought you were my friend.
You lied upon a mattress.
Come on, tell me where youíve been.
You lied about this night apart.
You lied about the room.
If youíre gonna have to lie to me then
Letís forget about it.

Then Iíll stop cryiní on the mountain that we made
From the molehill where we spilt the milk.
So you say this never happened,
Just not the way I thought.
Did I throw this out of focus,
Or was it just the way we fought?
That it seems to me you took this girl,
But you swear to God itís not.
Ah, letís forget about it.

Iíll stop cryiní if youíll stop.
Iíll stop cryiní if youíll stop lyiní to me.

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