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Pixy Misa's Pretty Samy Homepage!

Welcome to my page about Pretty Samy (and Pixy Misa)!
Sasami was just an ordinary 4th grader with a ... well not exactly normal family until Tsunami, the #1 candidate to bo queen of a Magic Kingdom gave her a magic baton and now she's a magical girl! The more good things Sasami does the earth, the closer Tsunami is to becoming queen! But this is a magical girl series so it has to have a villian! Ramia is the #2 canidate to be queen and if Samy fails on restoring the balance of good in the universe, Ramia will become queen and she REALLY wants to be queen!! So she makes a magical girl out of Sasami's best friend, Misao. Misao's alter ego magical girl Pixy Misa is the oppiste of her real personalty. Misao is quiet,clam, and shy and Pixy Misa is a loud mouth, isn't shy at all and is hyper!! The only thing that they have in common is that they're both weak( episode 16 when Misa was yelling in pain when just about NOTHING had happened to her). But the thing is that Misao doesn't know she's Misa and neither does Samy!!! So that's the basic plot of "Maho Shojo Pretty Samy" (a.k.a. Magical project S). ! PLEZE DONATE FAN FIC and NO HENTi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This page is under constrution!!




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Last Updated: 17 September 1999