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John Powell's Rocketry Page

Updated 11/30/2003, 11:02 P.M. mountain time.

A picture of my LOC/Precision Lil' Nuke rocket at liftoff on a flight in which it got 100' up and went horizontal.(Engine: F22-7)

My name is John Powell. I am a member of C.R.A.S.H. (Colorado Rocketry Association Of Space Hobbyists). I am also NAR (National Association Of Rocketry) #75044.

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Current Project: Certifying level two. I attempted to certify level two at LDRS XXII, and my flight, while not successful, went ok, reaching an altitude of just over 3900 feet (the actual altitude was stored in my planner and was lost when my planner died.). The rocket, named Bluebird, is 3" in diameter and about 6' tall. Its carbon fiber composite fins and coupler were built by Tom Aspenwall. I launched it on a Pro38 J285. Recovery deployment was via a Missileworks RRC2 altimeter. Thanks to Jim Amos of Missileworks for rental of the Pro38 casing. The drogue 'chute deployed perfectly, but my main chute didn't deploy. The rocket suffered no damage on landing, though. A pic of the rocket on the pad just prior to launch on J285 power is below. The pic is thanks to Chuck Luciano.

Past Project: Certifying level one. I have a LOC/Precision Graduator that has fiberglass reinforced fillets on the fins. I launched on the second of January, 2000. The motor I used was an H128.

My certification flight took place on January 2, 2000, and was a success. The H128 motor launched on the first attempt, and my model A1 altimeter said my rocket reached an altitude of 2645 feet AGL. I hope I was the first person to certify level one this milennium. A pic of the launch is below. Click it to see it full size.

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